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FINALS ARE OVER WITH! WOOHOO!!!!! I've never been so happy before! And even though I really didn't study that much for my history final, I don't think I did that poorly. Took me forever to find a place to park near the co-op, but I brought my books back, too. $96.50... and to think I thought my classes would never pay off. lol Of course do I pocket the cash? Nah, I buy myself a sweatshirt. I still have $40 left... But I'm done. No more UConn for over a month! Now I can just sit back and relax... well not really. I have stuff to do for Christmas, but I like that stuff. I like Christmas. It makes me happy. :) I'm going to go do Christmas stuff now... or sleep. I need some of that.

Only 5 days and 7.5 hours until Christmas!

Christmas Tree: 10/50 Snowman: 0/50 Santa Claus: 25/50 Reindeer: 5/50 Mistletoe: 35/50 Star: 0/50

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nurse. leo. attention whore. punk rock princess. flexitarian. space case. deltasig. browncoat. fangirl. professional bridesmaid. lover. geek. only child. dreamer. former market researcher. aerialist. uconn husky. internet addict. twentysomething. enfp/j. crazy cat lady. gryffindor. bohemian. new england gangsta. democrat. narcissist. daughter. friend.

just me.

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