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Good times.

I haven't seen people in a long time, so it was good to see people tonight. I miss everyone. There's no one I'd rather get kicked out of the Target back parking lot with. We had some fun at Matt's house after that, but not too much fun 'cause we all had to work in the morning. (We'll have more fun next week. hehe) It was a good end to a few long days. The re-lo at Westfarms is done, so no more drives to the other side of the river. Except to go check out the new store in operation maybe. Speaking of long drives, I drove all the way out to the UConn area today to check out tattoos at Wizards and get some wings. Well, Wizards was like completely gone (very traumatized about that) and Wings was closed for the summer. So that was hugely disappointing. We went to Kathy John's but it kinda sucked. I also found out that my hairdresser is no longer hairdressing so that was a tragedy, too. :( Tomorrow is busy. I'm driving buses from 9-12 and then I'm doing errands until I work at 3:00. I guess I should go to bed now before this thunderstorm gets any worse.

PS - Sorry, dude, if our loitering got you in trouble at work...



( a very loud beep — speeeeeaaaakkkkk )
Jun. 30th, 2002 07:43 am (UTC)
It glows!
You forgot to mention the rather spacious trunk of your Echo and the kickass glowing doorhandle inside! :-D
( a very loud beep — speeeeeaaaakkkkk )
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