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Yep, I have no life and no motivation.

+ name: Laura Beth Bittner
+ birthday: August 11. 1983
+ nicknames: Savvy, Laurette no. 1
+ location: South Windsor, CT
+ what are you doing right now? What do you think I'm doing?!
+ what are you wearing? Light pink T-shirt and jeans.
+ do you like your neighbors? Yeah.
+ whats your magic number? 27
+ do you smoke, drink, or do drugs.? You make that stuff sound like it's bad or something...

what comes to mind when you hear these names..

+ blair: A bitch.
+ shannon: Gusy.
+ thomas: Kloucek.
+ scott: Tibault.
+ lawrence: A bad soap opera character...
+ aaron: Carter!
+ heather: Manager at work.
+ chris: Hehehehehehe....
+ mallory: BSC!
+ chaquita: Bananas...


+ color: Pink.
+ friend: I love all my friends equally.
+ car: I love my ECHO!... but I'd love her more if she was a '78 Vette...
+ food: Anything with chicken and cheese...
+ drink: Diet coke.
+ store: Sadly, Limited Too.
+ outfit: I have a few of them.
+ boyfriend/girlfriend: Retarded question, but obviously Jeff...
+ song: Right now anything by *NSYNC
+ singer: hehe *NSYNC
+ movie: 10 Things I Hate About You, Center Stage, Armageddon
+ pair of socks: My cow print socks.
+ saying: "So NOT the drama."
+ animal: Meow.

when was the last time you...

+ showered: 9 hours ago.
+ kissed some one: Cheek? Tuesday. Lips? Sunday.
+ went to a movie: Whenever Amie, Mark and I went to see Van Wilder.
+ cried: I sobbed hysterically for half an hour last night during ER.
+ talked on the phone: Little while ago.
+ paged someone: Uh, like forever ago.
+ lied: I probably lied today at somepoint. I lie a lot.
+ cheated on someone: Never.
+ ate nerds: I ate a nerd rope not too long ago.
+ drank welchs grape juice: Ew.
+ watched the country channel: The what?
+ shaved ANY part of you body and what part: Arm pits, this morning.


+ do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend: Yes.
+ whats there name: Jeff.
+ how long have you been going out: 18 months this past weekend.
+ have you ever been in love: Yes.
+ who was the best kisser: Jeff.
+ have you ever cheated on them: No.
+ whats your favorite thing to do with that special someone: *giggle*.... I'm not going to tell you that!
+ whats the best present youve gotten from someone: Stuffed bunny.
+ what qualities do you like in a guy or girl: Funny, nice, likeable, hot...


+ whose your best friend: They know who they are.
+ what makes your best friend: They're always there for me.
+ what do you guys do for fun: Drive around, sit around, and go to Denny's!
+ who is your oddest friend: Chase.
+ who is your funniest: We're all pretty funny.
+ who is your happiest friend: Amie maybe.
+ who is your most annoying friend: Wow, wouldn't that be mean of me to say?
+ who is always there for you: All my bestest friends are.
+ best guy friend: Jeff.
+ friend who could be more: What?


+ are you a virgin: Do you really think I am?
+ who wants to be a millionaire: Me!!!
+ ever been to the Salisbury Zoo: The what?
+ what did you do on Halloween: Answered the door for Trick-or-Treaters.
+ whats your favorite Scary movie: Sixth Sense
+ do you belive in magic: No.
+ when was the last time you ate a jawbreaker: Last year prolly.
+ whats your favorite magazine: YM, Cosmo
+ do you own a furby: Those things are creepy.
+ what does your boyfriend or girlfriend call you: Babydoll.
+ whats your middle name. Beth
+ do you stink: I hope not.
+ what do you think of cheerleading: Why are they all so fuckin' perfect???
+ favorite Disney character: Iago, Oliver, Belle, Aurora
+ what brand of deodorant do you use: Teen Spirit
+ worst kiss: Ray.
+ anyone you think is homosexual: No, but I keep having to convince other people one of my friend's isn't.
+ do you know anyone named LeRoy: No, but I wish I did! lol
+ do you like Pickles: They're good.
+ do you have a website: That hasn't been updated in a few years, but it used to rock.
+ do you watch PORN: Can't say I do.
+ are you black: Farthest thing from.
+ do you wish you were black: I wish I was tan...
+ who you gonna vote for: Hey, that's right, I can vote now...
+ do you have your own phone line: Yeah.
+ your thoughts on abortion: Reluctantly pro-choice.
+ do you like brittney spears: I wish I was her!
+ do you want a brittney doll: No.
+ if not do you want one for christmas: Uh, no.
+ What do you want for christmas: Cold, hard cash.
+ do you have your 2 front teeth: Yep.
+ what do you want to do with your life: Be happy, live with the man I love.
+ ever been butt naked bangin on the bathroom floor: Um, well, there was that time... lol just kidding.
+ would you ever get plastic surgery if so on what: No.
+ biggest redneck you know: My uncle.
+ last time you went to skateland: What?
+ last time you went to the bowling alley: It's been too long!
+ last time you were in a hoopdy truck: What??
+ what perfume/cologne do you wear: Clinque Happy
+ do you think foreign accents are sexy: Depends on what kind of foreign accent.
+ do you like jell-o if so what flavor: Strawberry.
+ do you like hot dogs if so do you know whats in them: I know and they're still good, damnit!
+ brand of toothpaste: AIM
+ last time you went to the doctor: ...they took my blood so I'm never going back! You hear that you motherf'ers! NEVER!!
+ do you think ricki martin is gay: I dunno. Does Courtney think he's cute? ;)
+ do you have a credit card? Yes.
+ do you love your mom: Yep.
+ ever taken ballet: For six years... wish I hadn't quit.
+ favoite juice: Twister.
+ Last time you used the restroom: Earlier.
+ most attracitve person: Jeff. :)
+ any diseases if so what are they: ADD, but I'm sure I have some kind of rare form of cancer just waiting to eat me alive.
+ last book you read: I'm *STILL* reading The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon
+ white, dark, or milk choclate: Um, Godiva. :)
+ ever died your hair: Yep.
+ What brand shampoo: Thermasilk, but I need to switch.
+ favorite holiday: Halloween
+ thing you hate most about your body: My zits.
+last time you smoked: Haven't smoked actually.
+ do you have to do chores if so what are they: I have to do everything around this fuckin' house.
+ last thing you bought: Mother's Day Card.

more random..

+ are you stressd out: I don't know what it's like to be not stressed.
+ what do you wear to the beach: A bathing suit.
+ do you belive in angels: Yes.
+ would you ever join the army: Mmm, no.
+ do you want a puppy: Yes.
+ ever had a kick me sign on you: I hope not!
+ how about a lick me sign: Ditto.
+ Favorite icing: Funfetti.
+ are u a flirt: Yep.
+ last time you were scared: Um, dunno.
+ by what? Prolly my own shadow.
+ last party you went to: The best party ever this past Tuesday. :)
+ do you do your own laundry: Sometimes.
+ what detergent do you use: Ivory Snow.
+ what fabric softner do you use: Downy.
+ are your nails real or fake: Real...
+ do you get jiggy with it: All the time, baby.
+ what do you wish you were named: I'm cool with Laura.
+ favorite movie star: Ben Affleck.
+ are your parents divorced: Yeah.
+ would you ever wear a waterbra: Nah, I saw what happened to Grace.
+ do you work out: Sometimes.
+ are u muscular: lol
+ are you flabby: Not really.
+ are you fat: No.
+ do you take a lot of pictures: I wish I could take more.
+ favorite tv show: ER, Friends, Boy Meets World, Scrubs, Days of our Lives
+ do you want a baby: Yeah, eventually.
+ ever thought u were pregnent: ....
+ last time you were sick: Friday.
+ butter or margerine: Either.
+ your feelings on mcdonald chicken nuggets: They're good.
+ do chinese people really cook cats and dogs: "Fluffy? Fluffy where are you? Meow."
+ do you believe in santa claus: Yep.
+ do you go to a tanning bed: Yeah... not proud.
+ are you in love? Very much so.
+ do you have a car: hehehe My new ECHO!
+ do you have your licence? Of course.
+ how do you get around: I drive.
+ favorite rugrats character: Suzie
+ got milk: Yum.
+ do you sniff markers: Not ususally.
+ are you dissatisfied with your hair color: Not at the moment.
+ what kind of jewelry do you wear: Not much.
+ what do you think of N Sync?? I LOVE *NSYNC!!!!!
+ have you ever modeled: No.
+ do you shop in catalogs: Yes.
+ what do you like the opposite sex to wear: Pants. Nothing else.
+ do you have a cell phone: Yep... call me!
+ what do you think of eminem: Bitch.
+ favorite kind of gum: Trident.
+ would you ever get a tatoo: I want one but I'm a wus.
+ have you seen charlies angels: No.
+ what magazines do you get: YM, Seventeen, Newsweek
+ do you belive your horoscope: Sometimes.
+ Whats your sign: Leo.

even more random..

+ do u like coffee: Yes.
+ do you write in pen or pencil: Mostly pen.
+ are you ghetto: Nah.
+ favorite lip gloss: Mmm, dunno.
+ do you wear a watch: Yep, but I'm trying to wean my way off of it.
+ sunglasses: No.
+ ever use nair? No, and it doesn't work.
+ ever been to the mall of america: Jeff has... I'm so jealous!
+ do you want a leather jacket: No.
+ ever ridden a motorcycle: No.
+ do you think justin timberlake and brittney spears are really togther: I think they should get back together!
+ what you think of bsb? I love them, too!
+ do you read the chicken soup books: No.
+ have you seen the exorsist: Yeah.
+ are you online a lot: ALL the time!
+ do you have an old navy performance fleece: Yep.
+ are you getting tired of doing this: A little... better than my english paper.
+ do you buckle up: Yeah.
+ any siblings: No.
+ what are their names: ...
+ what are their ages: ...
+ do they wanna fill out our great survey: Prolly not.
+ do you know how to yo yo: No, I suck.
+ what color are your underwear: Blue with light blue flowers.

What do you think about flag burning? Whatever. Freedom of expression.
Is it ok to cuss? Hells yeah!
What's your favorite candy? I like all candy.
Do you keep up on current events? I try.
Do you get enough vacation? No.
What is most important to you? Friends.
Do you collect anything? Teddy bears.
Is there too much media violence? No.
Is it right to spank a kid? Yeah.
Should Elian have stayed (the Cuban kid)? Who cares?
What do you think about plastic surgery? Do what you want.
What's your favorite car? Corvette.
What do you think is the biggest issue that teens have to face? Peer pressure.
Boy Bands - have a comment? I love 'em!
If someone handed you 500 bucks what would you do with it? Put it in the bank!
Do you have a credit card? Yeah.
Should teens be able to have credit cards? No.
How many E-mail accounts do you have? 4.
Who do you live with? Mom, cats, dog.
22. Creation or Evolution? Both.
23. Can you name the leader of Cuba? Castro.
24. What are you doing after graduation? Not much... lol.
25. How many colleges did you apply to? Six.
26. What's your favorite hard candy? Sour life savers.
27. After high school, where will you live? Uh, here.
28. How do you feel about the police releasing the videotape from Columbine? Whatever.
29. What's your favorite accessory? Bracelet Jeff gave me.
30. Which body part would you really pierce? Tongue.
31. Which celebrity has style in your opinion? Britney.
32. Gonna work this summer? Not enough, I'm sure.
33. Ever had your heart broken? Yep.
34. Ever been to a live concert? A few.
35. Did you keep your New Year's Resolution? What New Year's Revolution?
36. Is your best friend the same or opposite gender of you? Both.
37. Do you have any feelings on abortion? Mixed.
38. How do you feel about the Napster issue? Anything free is awesome.
39. What would be your dream vacation? Italy with my baby.
40. Your feelings on the show "Survivor"? Got old.
41. Have you ever had a summer fling? No.
42. Do you pay attention to the Stock Market? Only to Too.
43. What's your favorite drink? Diet coke.
44. Have you moved during Middle or High School? No.
45. What makes you like a commercial the most? Glittery things.
46. What do you typically eat for breakfast? Cocoa krispies or a granola bar.
47. How involved were you in buying the computer your using right now? No.
48. How many computers are in your house? 2, well... 3.
49. Where's the computer at in your house? Den, my mom's office, living room.
50. Do you read self-help books (Chicken Soup, etc.)? No.
51. Do you think teens should be restricted from buying certain things? No.
52. If you have a car, who makes it? Toyota.
53. Do you use Instant Messaging more then the phone? Yeah.
54. You're on a first date...and they're going a lil too fast for you, what do you do? Tell 'em.
55. You're going to a Halloween party, what kind of costume are you in? Something pretty.
56. Who would you have voted for in the Presidental Election? Gore.
57. What do you think about amusement parks? Overpriced.
58. Do you like roller coasters? Hell yeah.
59. If you saw The Grinch, what did you think? I didn't.
60. Do you play video games? Not often.
61. Have you ever beat a game? Yeah.
62. What usually keeps you up later then you should be? English papers. Neopets.
63. Do you enjoy cooking? For my baby, I do.
64. Do you pay attention to how healthy you eat? Kinda.
65. Will you be going to Prom this year? No, but I went to two formals.
66. What was your favorite movie from this summer? Lookin' forward to Episode II.
67. What couldn't you live without? Friends.
68. How long do you talk on the phone each day? Hour or so.
69. Why do people still freak out when they hear or see the number 69? They're perverted.
70. What kind of grades do you get? B's.
71. Should the legal age of drinking be changed to 18? Yeah!
72. Have Aliens visited Earth? Sure.
73. Do you smoke? No.
74. What is school like for you? Almost done for the year!


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