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I hate everything.

This has been the shittiest day, all starting yesterday when I found out that I had to go into work after sitting outside Gampel for 30 minutes for the pep rally. I hate work because they pay me shit. Minimum wage is rising faster than my salary. I am doomed to be poor until I'm 30. I was too tired and depressed and sick when I got home from work to do any of my work, including study for my stats exam or work on my english paper. I woke up late this morning and when I should've been in class I was making a study guide for my stats exam. I got to school just in time for that, but I don't know why I bothered, because I definitely failed it. After sociology I realized I'd forgotten something at home, so after waiting for forever for the bus, I came home which is where I am now. I wasted all my time putting miles on my car when I could've been doing productive work. It's going to be a miracle if it doesn't break down on me before I get my new car. The oil light keeps flashing every so often. I want my Echo. I want it to be summer. I hate school. Speaking of which, I need to go back now, to not turn in my final draft that's due today (or my rough draft for that matter.) After that is the joy of my life... yes, that's right... concert band. If I don't shoot myself first.
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just me.

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