i'm disaster (wolfsavard) wrote,
i'm disaster

...the one with the prettiest of views.

I can't believe how fast this road trip is going by! We're already in Oklahoma City! We spent the day in St. Louis and then put another 600 miles on the car. Just checked in to the hotel, the guy at the front desk was unsure whether we were checking in or out at this odd hour. Today was fantastic. St. Louis is a great city! We had brunch at a cool creperie and went to see the Gateway Arch for good measure. Then we spent our entire afternoon at the most awesomest place in the entire universe, City Museum. Like seriously, there's not even words to describe this place, and the website doesn't even begin to show it's true potential. We still managed to get some of Route 66 in today including a big landmark, Chain of Rocks Bridge. Didn't do as much as yesterday but we plan on doing a lot of backroads from here to Albuquerque. For now though, time to sleep cause I need to not have this cold develop into some full blown monster virus. Wish you all were here! Later, skaterz.
Tags: jeremy, moving, road trips, st louis

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