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She packs her bags and plans to run away.

Downsizing is hard. I sort of had this idea that I could fit everything I needed into my car and just drive it across country, but now that's seeming like a really daunting task. Not the driving across country part, that's going to be awesome and I'm really excited about it. It's the getting all my stuff in to a tiny Honda Fit that's the stressful part. Not only is it going to take some top notch packing and loading skills, it's going to require me to seriously cut back on what I "need". I've been trying to organize and get rid of stuff... I went through my DVDs and CDs, already found a buyer for my couch, and managed to get all my loose scrapbook pages in albums. But I don't feel like I've even made a dent.

Parting with possessions is hard. I like my stuff! Just not enough to ship it all to California... So, anyone want some furniture or clothes or DVDs? Seriously... most of it's gotta go!

I've pretty much applied for all the positions I'm interested in and I was supposed to have an informational interview today with a hospital out in LA but the guy never called me. And I've been looking at apartments but it's still really too soon. No one is booking yet for November. But I do think I found where I want to live, but they're still doing construction! That's about all there is on the big move so far. And now I've got a headache and too much to do. Later, skaterz.
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