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Such a charming, beautiful exterior.

Yesterday my ballet instructor told me I have a beautiful body for ballet, and beautiful feet for ballet, and said as soon as I felt ready I could do pointe. It made me so happy to hear all that! I am so excited to have found this class. I love it. I have missed ballet for over a decade now. Quitting is one of a small handful of regrets I have in life, but now I'm doing something about it. But yeah, I wanted a record of her saying that, I wish I could have a recording so I could play it over and over again. <3

So yeah, that is new. And I got a tumblr: wolfsavard.tumblr.com. I mostly use it to post the 365 photo project I've been working on (taking a photograph every single day) and as an outlet for my emo catharsis. Apparently facebook can't handle my emo without people getting very concerned. So now I'll just go emotionally cut in some other corner of the internet where I won't bother people. But yeah, if you have a tumblr, let's be friends!

I'm doing okay though, it was just a rough patch, and it'll go away. Unless of course it doesn't. But here's hoping.

Okay, I have some mad errands to run because nothing got accomplished last week due to working 60 hours, and I'm essentially leaving on vacation for a week on Saturday. Busy! But, busy is good. Later, skaterz.


Jul. 7th, 2010 06:25 am (UTC)
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