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What a weekend! Rah!

Okay, Saturday... work was crazy. The store was sooo busy. I got out 20 minutes late and only took a 15 minute break, when I was entitled to 30 minutes. Then I rushed to get my jersey clean for the game so I could give it to Justin, and it didn't even dry in time, so I put it in a bag still damp. I picked Maureen up, and she informed me that one of my headlights is out. So I'm like fantastic, now my car needs an oil change and a new headlight. I really am starting to not like that car. I definitely have the most ghetto car out of all the commuters. That's probably because everyone who is like, "Yeah, mom & dad, I'll commute to UConn for a few years" has parents who were like, "Oh, well in that case, we'll buy you a new car." Nope, not my parents. Forget the fact that a car would be just as much as two years of room&board at UConn. But that's an entirely different story... So we get to the game, and the game was really awesome and everything. The crowd was really into it. But I was going to frickin' kill the people sitting behind me. Maureen and I stood up to let some kid by, and he decided he was going to stand right in front of my seat, so therefore I couldn't sit down, so I stood. I was also trying to talk to my friends. Well the guy behind me says, "Excuse me? Could you sit down?" in like this nasty tone. And I turned around and was like, "Oh, sorry, are you trying to see?" So I turned back around and looked at the ice and THERE'S NOTHING GOING ON. JUST ICE. THERE WASN'T EVEN A FRICKIN' ZAMBONI ON THE ICE! So I looked at him again and give him a confused look. "Um, hunh? What are you trying to see?" and I began to tell him that I couldn't sit down because there was a little snot-faced brat standing in front of me. And then his bitch of a wife/mistress/10-cent-ho in like the snottiest voice said, "Well, we didn't pay to look at your backs." I wanted to frickin' smack the whole bunch of them! I was sooo mad! Yeah, well I didn't buy season tickets so I could have people tell me the fuck what to do! Grrr! I hate people! *takes deep breaths* So the game ended in a tie (it's like kissing your sister) but they scored a goal in like the last minute to tie it up so it was cool. Maureen and I hooked up with Amie, and we went to good ole' Denny's, and that was fun. I was really tired after that though and was exhausted by the time I get home. All I wanted to do was sleep today. I didn't want to get out of bed. I'm such a lazy ass that I didn't go to church, and I have no good reason other than my laziness. I disgust myself, I really do. I had a call in, and after I called in for my 12-5 shift and was told I wasn't needed, Courtney called and asked me to take her shift from 2-7. I agreed and once again sat on my ass until I had to go to work. Work was so busy, and none of the other lazy-ass bitches that I work with called in for their shifts, so we were understaffed, and all the customers were getting pissed off. It was sooo not fun. I got home an hour after I was supposed to because the store was such a mess. Argh! But even though I just worked my ass off for an hour or so, I still feel like a lazyass because I haven't gotten anything productive done here that I needed to. Maybe I'll try to go do some of that now, so I can look in the mirror without feeling disgusted. Life sucks. Is it spring break yet?
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