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United Kingdom - Day 2

HOLY SHIT HOW IS IT SO LATE?! I am clearly not on GMT yet. Also, it takes way too long to upload and edit pictures because I am so anal, so I don't know how long this updating daily thing is going to last, but I'm going to try. After a rough start this morning (we missed our train and my hair dryer doesn't work over here... much to EB's surprise but not to mine at all, I guess he's done being right!), we made it to London and headed straight for the Tower of London. It was such a cool place filled with tons of history. We went on one of the guided tours given by the Yeoman Warders AKA Beefeaters and our guide was very entertaining. We also saw the crown jewels which yeah, they were nice, but I wasn't terribly impressed. I was however impressed by the GIANT RAVENS GUARDING THE TOWER. Holy crap they are HUGE! And they let you get so close to them it's ridiculous! The Tower took up most of our day, and trying to find a place to sit down and eat took up another chunk of it. We finally ended up at a nice place called Browns and we all had beer and fish & chips. Delicious. We headed for Trafalgar Square after dinner and stumbled across the National Portrait Gallery (no I don't know how we stumbled upon it because actually it's FREAKING GIGANTIC) and saw it was still open for about an hour. EB and I barely scratched the surface of it, but I saw the most gorgeous photographic portraits. We're going back tomorrow (er, today...) and are actually going to pay to get into the Annie Leibovitz exhibit. I'm so excited, I love her! We did check of Trafalgar Square after (very pretty) and then caught a train back to Leicester. EB and I meant to go out to dinner or get groceries, but we lost track of time. It gets dark so early here, it kind of throws us off. Also, everything closes really early which is annoying. Tomorrow is Hamlet (sadly sans David Tennant) and saying goodbye to EB's family who are heading back to Boston tomorrow afternoon. Also, buying me a hairdryer that works. Later, skaterz!

UK Day 2


Jan. 2nd, 2009 07:46 pm (UTC)
*flails all over the place over your trip* hehehe. I know I'm commenting backwards on your vacation entries, but LONDON. GAH. Still loving the insanely gorgeous photos. Have loads of fun!!
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