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*quick breath*

So quick update about where I am right now... have had an awesome but exhausting weekend so far. Static trapeze was fucking HARD. But so so awesome. I learned how to rock and roll up to the bar, and did an angel, a gazelle, a star (my favorite except the bruise on my back would argue otherwise), an ankle hang, a candlestick, a crucifix (HATE!!!), in addition to some crazy conditioning that almost killed me. I will definitely go back for more, I just need to build up some serious strength because I am SO WEAK. I had a fantastic time with some of the trapeze girls decorating cupcakes and we had a fun slumber party. I was somehow coaxed into doing Theresa's strength & flexibility class at 8:45 this morning. It was really good, but was definitely a challenge after only three hours of sleep. Flying was okay, I learned a new trick. Hit about 20 minutes of traffic on the way home, am anticipating even more tomorrow. I hope I'm able to move tomorrow to make driving in it worth it!

So right now I'm exhausted, I smell, and I don't have any pants to wear to nyrclooch's party. I should probably shower and find something to wear. I need another vacation day... where did this long weekend go?! *sigh* Later, skaterz.


Dec. 1st, 2008 02:50 pm (UTC)
My legs are still killing me.
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