i'm disaster (wolfsavard) wrote,
i'm disaster

Run, run Rudolph!

Well this Thanksgiving turned out a lot better than last Thanksgiving, though it wouldn't really have taken much. I spent it with athena2483's family. I only wish clarkdreams could've joined us, but it was a good time. I stopped by my mom's afterward and she was actually a little bit coherent. Luna was nowhere to be found though, and apparently no one has seen her in weeks. :( Wherever she is I just hope she's okay.

This morning I decided to not do the 5AM Black Friday craziness. I did go out, but not until 9AM and I avoided Best Buy, Target, and Kohl's because they were all insanely packed. I did get some good deals and was able to cross some things off my Christmas list so I that makes me happy. I think half the time on Black Friday I wind up just buying things for myself instead of for other people, so that probably worked out better. I really need to find time this weekend and actually organize what I'm getting people, what I've already gotten people, and all that stuff. Thanksgiving was so late this year that Christmas is going to be just around the corner.

I actually started typing this entry yesterday, with the intention of posting a list of things I was thankful for, but I was sleepy and then busy and now I'm heading out the door. Going up to MA this evening for a static trapeze lesson, cupcake decorating, and then staying overnight for flying in the morning. Going straight to a family dinner after that and then maybe I'll have a fee minutes to breathe before I head out to nyrclooch's party. Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, Black Friday, or just your typical Thursday and Friday if you're not here in the US. Later, skaterz!
Tags: black friday, thanksgiving
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