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Can I start my Thanksgiving coma early?

Finally the long weekend is here. And all I've done? Drink wine, eat way too much pumpkin bread, and watch Love Actually with uconngaz. I swear that movie gets better every time I see it. Why don't I own it? I can not wait to go to London now. Maybe I'll run into Hugh Grant... :)

But yeah, I um, did actually do a small amount of tidying up around the apartment but mostly I feel like a big fat slob. And I'm looking forward to tomorrow and this weekend, and yet, I'm not. I'm just tired. And somehow a vacation has turned into not a vacation again. Funny how this always seems to happen.

And I still haven't gone to the damn grocery store. Bah.

Happy Thanksgiving. Later, skaterz.
Tags: i am a lazy bum
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