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Okay, I got home from work way too late. Didn't leave the mall until 11:30pm. That's just definitely wrong. Of course, that's the last time I'm working that shift until next year anyway. That's the last shift I'm working this week. Which is fine with me, except I'm poor and could use the money. I just did a search on the internet for free ecards because I'm too cheap to pay the $1/month membership to Blue Mountain or American Greetings. I should have actually been using that time to make out the rest of my actual Christmas cards. Maybe I'll fit that in tomorrow between studying for my history exam. Not looking forward to that, though I wonder how much I'll actually study, since I'm like the least motivated person on the planet. Celaura and I got like nothing accomplished today. Actually not true... we now know where Nebraska is, that Cheyenne is capital of Wyoming, and that there is a J in "New Jersey."

7 days 'til Christmas!
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