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What a day...

I stayed up all night doing a half assed job of my english paper, finishing it just in time to get into the shower and rush out the door to my 8 AM political science class. The only reason I even went to the class was to ask my professor when I could make up the exam that I missed on Thursday. Well, after sleeping through most of the class, which was cut short by half an hour, I approached the professor and told him I needed to make up the exam. He told me to take it right now, but I told him that I had to go to class, which I did. Statistics, to take an exam, actually. So I told him I could make it up at 12:15, and went off to stats, stressing that I had not even studied for my political science exam, and didn't have anything with me to do so except a few poorly dictated and vague notes. I rushed through my stats exam...wicked easy... and headed back for South Windsor at 10:05. I studied at home for an hour, then drove back up to UConn for 12:15 and took my Int'l Relations exam. I really didn't even need to study for it. It turned out to be rather easy, or at least easy to b.s. But it wasted an hour and a half of my time that I usually spend doing homework. After my exam, I rushed to the library, made copies of my stupid english paper, and then brought it to english for peer reviews. After that, I went to concert band, which was even more of a joy than usual because I am now playing piccolo on this wicked hard piece. I knew I shouldn't have tried out! On my way home I fell asleep multiple times while driving, and now that I'm home I just want to sleep and relax. It feels like it should already be the weekend, but nope, it's only Tuesday which means I have a Roman Civ discussion tomorrow and two of Cicero's speeches to read. When does it end?! Only... 72 ...more days until finals. *sigh* I guess I'm going to get to that Cicero stuff now... right after I finish reading YM.

Highlight of my day: Making Todd's quote of the day! :)



( a very loud beep — speeeeeaaaakkkkk )
Feb. 26th, 2002 09:24 pm (UTC)
Glad I could help...
Glad I could help make your day more enjoyable ;) Sounds like you need a break...hang in there...it's almost done!! (at least it had better be, or i'm fucked.)
( a very loud beep — speeeeeaaaakkkkk )
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