i'm disaster (wolfsavard) wrote,
i'm disaster


OMG I'M SO EFFING TIRED. I don't know why! I think EB's jet lag has somehow worn off on me. That or a week of getting like no sleep has finally caught up with me. I'm so happy to have him home, though I already feel the week with him escaping from me.

Watched Fight Club last night. I know, I know, how had I not seen it already, right? Well, I hadn't, but I'm glad I finally watched it because it was really fucking good. Maybe I'll give his books a shot at some point.

It's 65 degrees out right now, with like tornado force winds and rain. It's so bizarre. Tomorrow's going to be sunny... and 42 degrees. Yay New England! At least I won't be driving to Boston in the rain tomorrow. YAY TRAPEZE! Going through such withdrawls it isn't even funny. I wish EB could see me but he's doing stuff with his parents tomorrow morning.

Why am I still typing a journal entry when I don't have anything to say? Great questions. I don't have any clue either. Later, skaterz.
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