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Super freak.

I am exhausted. I wound up falling asleep from like 6-8:30 with my alarm clock going off incessantly the entire time. Starbucks was the only thing keeping me from falling flat on my face at my desk. Today has not really been that productive, so I need to try and stay motivated this evening. I'm going to pilates if it kills me, damnit.

One thing I will get done quickly though is finally tell you about the show on Sunday that went superbly. Everyone did a fantastic job and it was so much fun! My tricks weren't perfect, but I made my catches and to the untrained eye they still managed to look impressive. Here's the video courtesy of nyrclooch. Pay not attention to my ridiculous ass releases... I don't know wtf was wrong with me but it's pretty much mortifying how foolish I look falling flailing to the net.

And some pictures to show how ridiculous I look...

In case you can't tell my shirt says, "If you're not part of the solution then you're part of the precipitate." :) There are more crazy pictures of everyone being a bendy circus freak, but they're all on facebook so you can look at them there if you're so inclined. I can't wait to start another IFW on Sunday. Unfortunately our whole group wasn't able to stick together, but most of us are, and most of us will at least be in the same show, so that's good. I just got so tired of working on the same old stuff, it will be so good to learn new tricks and push myself instead of worrying about perfecting these last tricks I learned which is all I've been basically doing for the past couple weeks. Also, going to start taking static classes, too. Hopefully I will appreciate static trapeze a bit more than the silks which I didn't find particularly enjoyable at all. We'll see though. Okay, time to go home so I can get some stuff done. Later, skaterz.
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