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Name: Laura Beth Bittner
Who were you named after: No one.
School: University of Connecticut
Mascot: Husky... Jonathan to be exact. He's so cute!
Nickname: Savvy, Laurette #1
Birthday: August 11, 1983
Grade: Second semester.
Zodiac sign: Leo
Screen name: WolfSavard
GPA: First time it's been below a 3.0... it's a 2.86
Shoe size: 9
Hair color: French Roast... well, at least that's what it says on the hair dye box.
Eye color: Brown
Siblings: ...
Who are your best girl friends?: They know who they are.
Who are your best guy friends??: They know who they are, too.
Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: Yes.
Do you have a crush?: On Ben Affleck. ;-)
Kissed a guy/girl: Yep.
French kissed a guy/girl: Yep.
Been given a hickey: No.
Given someone a hickey: It wasn't that big...
Kissed someone you weren't dating: Ummm... I'm gonna have to go with yes.
Been hurt by a guy/girl you like?: Hell yeah!
Last CD you bought: I bought Britney Spears and Mandy Moore's latest albums at the same time.
Last movie you saw: A Beautiful Mind
Last movie you rented: Summer Catch
Favourite Actress: Julia Stiles, Julia Roberts, Nicole Kidman
Favorite Actor: Ben Affleck, Russel Crowe, Kevin Spacy
Favorite Movie: 10 Things I Hate About You, Armageddon, Moulin Rouge
Favorite TV Show: Anything on Disney or NBC pretty much.
Favorite Subject in School: Sociology is the only one that's tolerable.
Least Favorite Subject in School: Concert band, sadly.
Do you actually like math?: No.
Favorite thing to do on the Weekend: Not go to school.
Color: I like deep reds, deep purples, and bright pinks.
Favorite Store: Weathervane, Contempo
Favorite Food: Chicken Romano or cajun tariyaki wings.
Do you do drugs?: Only the legal kinds.
How many people are on your buddy list?: 123
What's your favorite sport?: Hockey
What's your favorite sport to watch?: Hockey or college bball. Football's growing on me.
Most memorable experience?: August 2000-August 2001
What's your favorite place to go on vacation?: Italy.
Do you have any pets?: Champagne, my gay puppy, Bitchy kitty, and crazy girl Luna
Favorite Scary Movie: What Lies Beneath is definitely the scariest.
If you're a girl, what kind of makeup do you wear?: Clinque powder, blush, lipstick and sometimes eyeshadow.
Guys with or without hats?: Without!
Best number ever: 27
Worst Fear: Being alone.
Favouritest Day: February 18th, 2001
Best feeling in the World: Love.
Worst feeling in the world?: Not getting something you worked really hard for or wanted really badly.
Doi you have a cell phone or pager?: Yep. Call me! 670-2377
Do you have a job?: Yep, and I'm sooo not appreciated.
What college do you want to go to?: UConn
Are you afraid of the dark?: Extremely?
Are you alergic to anything?: Penicillian, Dove soap and Celeste microwave pizzas.
Do you want to get married? Yes.
What do you do do to make your friends mad?: Plenty. Guys?
Are you mad at any of your friends?: Mad's not the right word for it.
Do you have any stuffed animals?: Hundreds.
Do you have any bad habits?: Indeed I do.
Where is your favourite hangout?: Homer Babbidge Library, yea!
Hugs or Kisses: Can't I have both? :::pout:::
Apples or Oranges: Apples.
Chocolates or Flowers: Flowers.
What's your favourite love song?: Something Like You - *NSYNC or Because You Loved Me - Celine Dion
Silver or Gold: Both are nice.
If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be? Italy.
Have you ever been betrayed or betrayed someone else?: Mmm, yeah.
When is your curfew?: Half an hour after I tell my mom I'm coming home.
What are you thinking at this very moment?: That this quiz really sucks.
Are you a vegetarian?: Ew.
Favourite kinds of clothes: I like clothes that sparkle.
Last phone number you called?: 427-2468
Last TV Show I watched: Passions
Ever been to a concert?: Two Radio 104 fests, Hootie& the Blowfish, BSB, *NSYNC, GooGooDolls, Sugar Ray and Fastball.
Been on a plane?: Yep.
Went swimming in the ocean: Yeah, but I'd perfer a pool... no shit and it's not freeezing!
Got stopped by a cop: Motherfn' state troopers...
Been accused of shop lifting: Nope.
Gone skinny dipping: Kind of...
Cried in public: I try not to, but hey, it happens.
Let a friend cry on your shoulder: Indeed, but usually I'm the one crying.
Fell asleep in the shower/bath: Yeah, I can fall asleep anywhere.
Fell asleep while eathing: See above... it's a gift really.
Gone to church: Yeah, and I would be going this weekend if it weren't for work.
Climbed a tree: Maybe a small one.
Fell asleep in school: It's a miracle if I don't fall asleep...
Fell asleep during a scary movie: Yep, The Exorcist
Gone all night without sleep: Can one really get through high school without pulling at least one all-nighter?
Been to camp: Nope.
Been bitten by an animal: More times than I can recall.
Got a detention: I'm a good girl!
Sat in a resturaunt without ordering anything: No... I hate it when people do that!
Wished you were someone else: On a daily basis.
Cheated on homework: Why would I actually do my work??
Wanted to die: Mmm... yeah.
Met a celebrity: Plenty.
Met the President: Can't say I have.
Driven a car: Do it on a daily basis, believe it or not.
Didn't wash your hair for a wek: I'm sure I have.
Broken a bone: No, but I've tried.
Told someone you loved them: Yes.
Bought ice cream from an icecream truck: Back in the day...
Used your parents credit card: Only as often as possible. ;-)
Gotten a cavity: 5 dentists appointments later and they still haven't filled them all...
Had to get braces?: Throughout middle school.
Had to be in the hospital: Nope... and Thank God.
Shopped at Abercrombie & Fitch: Not something I'm proud of.
Shopped at the Gap: Yep.
Shopped at Old Navy: Once in a while.
Thought you were in love: Yes.
Had an online relationship: Another thing I'm not proud of... remember Jedite??
Watched MTV at 4 in the morning: Yeah, and they play weird-ass shit.
Tipped over a port-a-potty: I wouldn't touch one with a 4 foot pole.
Made prank phonecalls: hehehehe... what fun!
Played a mean joke on a friend: I'm so sorry about the whipped cream, Courtney!
Snuck out of your house: Not a real need to.
Gone to another country: Italy... *sniff*
Broken the law: They'll never catch me!!
Killed someone in your thoughts: Um, no.
Been in a car accident: Joe's car did a donut in the middle of 5-Corners.
Been beat up: Only by myself... and my cat.
Beaten someone up: Only in my dreams.
Skipped school: On a weekly basis.
Been scared enough to piss your pants: I'm a wus, but I do have bladder control.
Been stabbed in the back by a "friend"?: Indeed.
Stabbed someone in the back: ...sorry.
Something you want to do before you die: Go back to Italy.
Who is your favourite person to talk to: Amie.
Who is your favourite person to talk to about life: Joe.
Whate do you hate?: I hate a lot of things. I could probably write a novel.
Whate makes you angry?: Life.
Who is the last person you said "I Love You" to?: My mom.
Who is the last person to tell you they loved you?: My mom.
Are you in love right now?: Very much so.
Who do you miss?: Everyone. Why do things have to change?
Who would you die for?: A lot of people.
Who holds your heart?: Jeff.
Who is the one friend that sticks up for you: Most of them would, I hope.
Who is the meanest person you know?: Most definitely Mrs. Hakmiller.
Who is the most attractive person you know?: Jeff.
Who is the ugliest person you know?: I can usually find something pretty about everyone.
Who is the craziest person you know?: Chase.
The last person to make you smile?: Todd.


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