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Somebody has a case of the Mondays...

Yeah, that'd be me. Hate Monday.

My word of the day today is gumption. I definitely could've used some more gumption this weekend. It was a great weekend, but not nearly as productive as it needed to be. My apartment is still a mess but that's okay. I have epic amounts of serious hardcore cleaning to do before the Halloween part on Saturday anyway.

I did two sessions of flying on Sunday, with a lovely brunch with EB's mom, aunt, and cousin in between. One of these days I'm going to learn that flying twice in one day is not a great idea. I was doing a really good job of my set-split in the morning, but I got all "splitted out" by the evening and bad habits started creeping back. It's okay though, because I feel much better about it than I did last week. Also, I nailed my back-end whip and even caught it! That trick was my nemesis with how badly it destroyed my shoulders two weeks ago, and I feel like I've finally conquered it. However, in the process of conquering it, my hands ripped very badly. It was the first time I've had an actual bleeder. It was shocking, and painful. Johann taped me up so I could do the last catch and I got it. I think the anti-bacterial spray Izzy attacked me with administered was probably the worst pain of my life. That or the scalding hot faucet in the ladies restroom. True story.

Oh, but the theme for our IFW? "Freaks and Geeks." I have no idea what that means, only that it has nothing to do with the TV show. Any idea what I should wear as a costume? Keep in mind I need to be able to fly in it. Please help because I'm clueless!

Saturday I finally had the most incredible massage! I am in love with Thai massage! Nikki did a fantastic fantastic job. It was like yoga but without any of the work, only the relaxing part of it. I feel so much more open, and I think my body will feel much better once it stops dying from yesterday.

Today, I am super cranky and upset. I went to give blood, but the Red Cross was running so far behind that I couldn't wait for them to catch up with my appointment. So I wasted like an hour of my time and didn't even get to save lives. Also, I read some Cirque du Soleil rumors that I'm pretty sure are true, and therefore make me pretty heartbroken. In like a stupidly childish way. And I just want to go home and be a baby about it, but I have to do DSP stuff at UConn. It's probably better that I don't go home because the state of my apartment would just make me more upset. And I would be home and unproductive and that would make me even more upset. Ugh, I hate feeling like this so much. I need to go cry and scream and punch things... I just have no time to do that. :( Later, skaterz.
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