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I am so mad. I got a "deep-tissue" massage this weekend because I've been having some annoying back pain. I've had it since my dad was in the hospital last December, and the only thing to make it go away was the deep-tissue massage I had at Body Secrets by a 4'5" Indian man named Jan. The massage I got from him was totally not really relaxing, and he pulled my limbs this way and that, and parts of it were actually painful. He had said at the beginning of the massage, "If ever it get too painful, just say 'ten.'" Um, no, how about I say, "OW, THAT HURTS. STOP." But so even though I was thinking, "OW, THAT HURTS. STOP!!" half the time, I didn't say anything, because I never say anything during massages. At the end (and he insisted on a little meeting again afterward, which was also awkward) he was like, "You took a very deep massage." I felt like I got the shit kicked out of me, but no back pain! My back pain came back again recently (okay, not recently like over the summer) but I've been too stubborn to go back to Jan because he weirded me out. All the other massages I've had at Body Secrets have been mediocre, but I did have a really great massage at A-Nu-U when nyrclooch treated us the day before her wedding. So I decided to back there, considering they are a medispa. Also, I had a $20 off coupon. So I went this weekend, and I explained my back trouble (pain in the middle of my back, particularly when I arch it) to the massage therapist. So what does she do, focus on my shoulders!! I mean, she was GREAT on my shoulders, but I needed her to fix my back! And she was rubbish on my arms and legs. And it was so expensive, even with the $20 off. I spent over $80 on the damn thing, and I might as well have thrown it in the trash.

So, a couple days ago I got a card in the main from Body Secrets saying that Jan is retiring, and they're offering 90 minute massage for the price of a 60 minute. And meanwhile, Body Secrets's prices are MUCH more reasonable than A-Nu-U's. So, now I think I'm going to suck it up and make one more appointment with Jan. But then what if the pain comes back? Now he's retiring!

I am reluctant to try a chiropractor, and my general practitioner says the problem is most likely muscular considering the deep tissue massage fixed it the last time. jadziadaxwb is going to some sort of chiropractor guru who says he can fix all the bodies ailments with spinal readjustment, but he's 35-40 minutes from me. She also has a good massage therapist, but who is also just as far. I saw nevers mention thai massage the other day so I started looking in to that, and I emailed a therapist in the area. I just got an email back to her, so I need to write back and see what her advice is. Yeah, so really I should've been typing all this to her and not you guys. :-P


ION, the Big E was awesome, and for the most part the rain held out. We had crappy seats for the circus, but we saw two contortionists PUT THEMSELVES IN A BOX THAT COULDN'T HAVE BEEN MORE THAN LIKE 8 CUBIC FEET. And these were like grown women. Wearing baggy clown suits and hats!! The first one went in, and we were like, "Woah, holy shit." And then her sister started to go in and we were like, "HOLY SHIT YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME. NO WAY, NO WAY IS THAT GOING TO WORK!!! It was incredible. The Flying Pages were good, but I was expecting more. (I'm such a circus snob now.) There was a really fantastic hand-balancing act, too. Some lady did work on the cerceaux and a bunch of (not very interesting) stuff with horses. She should've done more cerceaux and less horses. I hate seeing animals in the circus. There were animals all over the Big E, and while I hated seeing most of them cooped up (well, except for like the farm-type animals) it was so fun to pet them. I love llamas! All my pictures are on my phone because I didn't want my camera to get wet. I'm really glad we decided to go despite the rain.

Okay, gah, so much to do and leaving early today. Later, skaterz.
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