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If it's a broken part, replace it.

It is really disgusting how badly I've been procrastinating updating this blog. I have so many epic posts swirling around my head, that sitting down to type one of them up just seems monumental. Meanwhile I've been abusing twitter like it's my job for all the errant thoughts that come up in the meantime.

I've been extremely distracted lately. Or maybe just super focused, but on the wrong things. Or maybe it's the right things, but just not the things that lead to blogging and getting tasks done at work. I have the office to myself today, which is lonely, but nice. I might shut the office door and do some stretching. I just poured myself a green tea, so maybe that plus some yoga will energize me.

I have been destroying myself at the gym. I've exercised like 24 times this month so far. Last week I made it to the gym every morning, and went to both pilates classes. Made it to both pilates classes this week, too. I wish our good instructor would come back... anyway. I haven't really noticed much change on the scale, but I have definitely switched some of that fat over to muscle. People I don't see on a daily basis have noticed I look trimmer, which is nice to hear.

I visited my mom yesterday, as Wednesday was her 59th birthday. She was more alert than I've seen her in years, and the first thing she said when I walked in was "You cut your hair! It looks nice." Her speech is slow, and she doesn't get much, but it's an improvement. I guess they changed up her meds which has attributed to her alertness. However, she does do this very disconcerting thing where she constantly opens and closes her mouth and sticks her tongue out, and makes "um" noises. It's creepy, I won't lie. I should probably try to visit more frequently since now she remembers she misses me.

TV! Too much TV! I can barely keep up! In fact, I can't really keep up. Not and get the sleep I need. I'm ditching Fringe I decided. The Mentalist is so much better, and there's just too much going on Tuesdays as it is. House continues to not really impress me. It's not *bad*, it's just lightyears from how incredible it used to be. I kind of feel the same way about Grey's, just kinda "meh" about the whole thing, but I'm holding out hope. (Also, I love Owen! He better be back! <3) I'm worried Heroes is going to turn into LOST, getting overly complicated with a giant cast and answering questions with more questions. Bones continues to be absolutely amazing, and Sarah Connor remains top notch as well. I am sososososo excited for Desperate Houswives, Brothers & Sisters, and Pushing Daisies to come back this week!

Tonight, the debate! Tomorrow, a massage!!! and The Big E (in the pouring rain)! Right now, more work! Later, skaterz.


Sep. 26th, 2008 06:18 pm (UTC)
Her aide said it's been going on since she started on dialysis (which okay, maybe but it's definitely gotten worse) and blamed the dialysis for it, but I'm like, "...that doesn't make sense."
Sep. 26th, 2008 06:20 pm (UTC)
Yeah, it sort of doesn't. That's ... weird. But like you said, if her doc didn't seem to be too worried, it's probably just one of those "really disconcertin but generally okay" things
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