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Survey time!

What Time Is It : 7:33 PM


Name : Laura Beth Bittner
Age : 18
Hometown : South Windsor, CT
Location : South Windsor, CT
Height : 5'6"
Hair Color : Brown
Eye Color : Brown
Nicknames : Savvy, Laurette #1
Parents Names : Vicki and Chuck
Siblings name: ...


Best Friend : I have a few.
Friends : I think I still have some of them.
Meanest Friend : Why would I be friends with someone who's mean?
Loudest Friend : Maureen.
Craziest Friend : Chase.
Nicest Friend : Amie, Maureen, Todd... a lot of my friends are nice. Some only when they want to be.
Smartest Friend : Susan.
Stupidest Friend : Hmm...
Most Attractive : Jeff. ;)
Worst Enemy : Grr... I hate her!
Knows The Most About You : Jeff.
Best Online Friend : I talk to the same people online as I do in real life.


Do you have a bf/gf?: Yes.
If so,who : Jeff
If not :
Ex bf/gf's?: Yep.
Have You Ever Been In Love : Yes.
Do you believe in Love At First Sight : No such thing.
Would you ever cheat on someone: Yeah, I almost have.
Have you ever kissed someone of the Opposite Sex : Yep.
French Kiss Someone : That, too.
How Far Have You Gone : Need I reiterate my purity test score...? lol
Are You A Virgin : Do you think I am?
If so - Waiting For Marriage : Haha!
If not - Do You Regret It : Do you?


Drink : Diet Coke
Food : Chicken Romano or cajun teriyaki wings from Wings Over Storrs...
Car : Corvette Stingray
Computer: I love mine, despite it's tendency to suck out.
Animal : Kitty cats.
Tv Show : Friends, Days of our Lives, the Today Show, ER, Scrubs
Type of Music: Pop!
Season : Summer!
Instrument : Flute, piccolo.
Clothes : Weathervane, Contempo
Shoes : Birkenstocks
Guy/Girl Names : Marc Antony, Juliet, Joshua, Hannah, Nicholas, Austin, Xander, Amber, Caitlin
Restaurant : Wings Over Storrs... does that count?
Subject : Sitting on my ass and not going to class...
Teacher : I'm not crazy about any of my current teachers... Dr. Mills can be amusing when he's drunk though.
N64 Game : Mario Kart
Playstation Game : Mmm...?
Nintendo Game: Umm...
SNES Game : Er...
Gameboy Game : Tetris... hey, what about Sega???
Radio Station: 96.5 WTIC
Color : I like deep reds and purples. Lately I've been drawn to pink.
Cartoon Character: Garfield
Fruit : I like most except pineapple.
Vegetable : Snow peas or broccoli.
Movie : 10 Things I Hate About You, Center Stage, Armageddon, Moulin Rouge
Holiday : Halloween.
Sound : My baby's voice.
Book : The Shining or The Green Mile by Stephen King.


What is the meaning of the word STUFF: A word english teachers hate for you to use.
Do you have your own line : Yeah.
Whats Your Phone # : 670-2377
Do You Like To Talk On The Phone : Sometimes.
Who Do You Want To Call You Next : Anyone telling me I won large amounts of money or a trip to Italy would be welcome...
Who Are You Going To Call Next : Prolly Jeff.
Last Person You Talked To On The Phone : My mom.
Where do you want to go to College : UConn.
Do You Want to get Married : Yes.
If So - When : After college.
How Many Kids : 2 or 3
How Many Spouses : I said I was from South Windsor, not Salt Lake City.
Do you Smoke : Ew.
Do Drugs : Only legal ones.
What Sports Do You Play : Is marching band a sport?
What Do You Do For Fun : Hang out with my friends.
What Did You Do Today: Did everything possible to avoid studying for my Int'l Relations exam, then skipped it, went to Stats, Sociology and then did my reading for English and got a capuccino at Cafe Origins, went to english, went to band, had a piccolo audition, came home and made macaroni&cheese, and now I'm sitting on my ass online.
What Type Of Music Are You Listening To Right Now: AOL Radio... Pop Rock


Steal Something : Only if other people were doing it, too.
Cheat on Someone : You already asked me that, and I said yes.
Call a 1-800 Number : Done that.
Skip School : Do that on a weekly basis.
Streak in Front of Your Whole School : Probably not...
Eat a worm for $10,000,000 : In a heartbeat!


Was this survey fun : It was alright.
Who sent you this survey : Courtney
What do you think of this person : I can't stand her, she's so obnoxious. ;-) j/k dude
Is he/she your friend : I hope so. lol

Last Question - What time is it now?: 8:02 PM, but it's 3:02 AM in Roma...


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