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I hate [driving in] New Jersey.

So foreverseenstar  and I went down to Baltimore this weekend for Shore Leave. I know a bunch of you were there, but aside from spending quite a bit of time with lyndasty  and a passing hello to pocky_slash  I didn't see any of you. We got down later than we intended, mostly because the cupcakes I was making for Kate and Jewel wound up being kind of an epic undertaking despite scaling them back more than I'd intended. We left around 11:30 (maybe?) and didn't get in until after 6. We didn't hit too much traffic (except for the fucking George Washington Bridge) but what held us up was waiting like 45 minutes for gas at a fucking New Jersey rest stop. So annoying! Luckily the Kia we rented got excellent gas mileage (one tank down and one tank back) but unfortunately despite only being a month away from turning 25 we got slapped with an extra $15/day for being children. Boo.

But yeah, I don't really have the desire or inclination to go through this convention on a minute-by-minute play by play like I usually do, so I'll just give you the highlights and lowlights:

High points of the weekend:
  • spending more than 5 minutes at a convention with [info]lyndasty
  • having Kate and Jewel oooh and ahhh over the cupcakes I made them
  • getting tons of compliments from random strangers while carrying around the cupcakes
  • being able to help [info]laughingirl out with her wonderful cause
  • picturing Nathan Fillion "playing Firefly" at home, counting his Alliance money and talking to the Jayne statue
  • delicious food and wine at Carrabba's (because when is it ever not a highlight)
  • having Kate recognize me and the confused look on David's face when she said hi and waved
  • the comfortable familiarity of Peter David's readings
  • Kate singing that wonderful Ingrid Michaelson song
  • David Hewlett snarking at [info]nudaydreamer
  • coaxing a smile out of Baz (it is unbelievable how ridiculously adorable that child is)
  • seeing foreverseenstar senselessly giddy over Teh Hewlett
  • did I mention Kate Hewlett?
  • ...and Jewel Staite?
Low Points:
  • leaving my baby kitty home alone for a weekend for the first time
  • driving in New Jersey
  • rest stops in New Jersey
  • traffic on the George Washington Bridge (ESPECIALLY that fucker that stole 15 minutes of my life because he can't read signs that say E-ZPASS ONLY)
  • rabid frightening fangirls
  • long lines
  • smelly people
  • uncomfortable hotel beds
  • being herded through autograph lines
  • ice cold air conditioners
  • did I mention New Jersey?
There is one event of note that I think deserves worth mentioning. On Sunday, foreverseenstar  and I got back in the autograph line so she could have David actually personalize the photos he'd signed the day before (herding, boo!) and ask when Jane might be around so she could sign the quilt she'd made, and even though she started getting high pitched and talkignsoquicklyyoucouldbarelyunderstandher, he did say that Jane would be around later and to just find him. Well, after his panel we weren't sure where he'd be going, and honestly I didn't want to wait in one more fucking autograph line, so I suggested that we just go back stage and find David and Jane before they could disappear or develop a crowd. So we did. And no one seemed particularly perturbed by it (probably because David Hewlett might be the nicest human being on the planet), even when Jane had to shift a just waking up Baz over to David so she could sign the quilt. Baz was all rubbing his fists in his eyes and looked all sorts of pouty and cranky, and even though I was terrified that my camera flash might send the baby into a fit of hysterics, I asked David if I could take his and Baz's picture which was when I got this money shot:

Luckily Baz wasn't perturbed by camera, and after I took this picture I was actually able to coax a smile out of the little guy!  CUTEST. BABY. EVER.  Getting Jane's signature on the quilt pretty much made foreverseenstar's weekend, so then we were able to GO HOME!!!!  ...and drive through New Jersey.  :(  athena2483, is there any way we can somehow skip that state when we go down to Ocean City?  Ugh.

So even though I wasn't ecstatic about trekking all the way down to Baltimore, and even though I still don't understand the rabid Hewlett obsession, I did have a really fun time and I am crushing on the man now a little bit.  Seriously, most adorable family ever and he's so hilarious in his geekery.  :)

Okay, I should've gone to bed like two hours ago.   Later, skaterz.
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