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I will find a way to you if it kills me.

I had the worst insomnia last night. Like seriously, I laid in bed for over an hour and couldn't get to sleep. There was just too much racing around in my mind. I couldn't quiet it down. I'm feeling overwhelmed which is sort of ironic considering DSP is done and my online class doesn't even start to next week. But I have all these projects I want to get done, and I feel like even though I've kind of had all the time in the world the past couple weeks, I've gotten so little done.

I just have way more stress than I think I should be having. I think I'm stressing out a lot over things that aren't under my control, like worrying about others, and the economy, and even the General Election is starting to scare me. It might be making me just not want to do anything. Or maybe it's just making me crazy.

Do you ever worry that you might be one of those crazy people? One of those genuinely batshit, has lost all sense of reality people? I really worry sometimes that I might be turning into one.

I think I need to start breaking up my epic list of things to do (both in my head and at thenext150days) and start making myself smaller, daily to-do lists. I started using www.hiveminder.com at daydreamer's suggestion, but it's sort of confusing. But having things broken down might help with being overwhelmed. I don't think it will help with becoming batshit, but you never know.

Also, no TV next week. All the TV does is suck productivity from me and waste my life. LOST's season finale is tonight and after that I don't give a fuck about anything else on TV. (Though I kind of want to watch that Celebrity Circus... *shifty eyes*) So aside from my morning Today Show, no TV. No DVDs. No watching shit on iTunes. Just... productivity.

I need to go buy cat food before my cat starts ripping open boxes from our pantry. Later, skaterz.


May. 29th, 2008 08:11 pm (UTC)

And seriously, I won't be surprised if she did destroy the apartment. She had half her regular breakfast this morning.
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