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I got the Italy blues...

Ehu, I miss Italy so much! I wish more than anything it was a year ago, and I was sleeping in Sorrento. I went to a meeting of the Italian club tonight, and it should be cool. I think I'm the only one there who doesn't either a) speak Italian or b) have some kind of Italian in their blood. I'm also the only freshman... lots of grad students, including one of the TAs from my Roman Civ class, which ironically I should be studying for considering I have 155 more pages of Livy to read and an exam at 10 AM tomorrow. I hate school... I'd much rather be working on my Italy scrap book which I still have yet to finish. I'm still stuck in Florence which means I haven't even gotten to the best part yet, Rome! Speaking of which... I need to go learn more about its early history and civilization so I don't fail my exam tomorrow. Since I'll be in Arjona tomorrow, I'll go to the office of Modern & Classical languages and declare myself an Italian Literary and Cultural Studies major...


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