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How can you sleep at a time like this?

Okay, new plan: clarkdreams and I are going to fly out to California where we are going to kidnap an Asian baby, Joe and Jess's adorable new kitten (don't click on the link unless you are prepared to be blinded by the epic cute), and get married. Best idea ever, y/y?

No, but seriously though, CUTEST KITTEN EVER. And she has giant paws of doom! Watch out, Joe, because I am totally stealing her.

So I write like entries in my head just about, oh I don't know, ALL THE TIME. Few of them actually ever make it to the interwebs, but they're still floating around in my head somewhere. I was a lethal combination of busy and lazy this weekend, so I didn't post any of them.

But if I had posted this weekend? It would've been a welcome post to all of the new friends I made last week. *waves* Hi, cirque_vegas, foryourwit, bedelia32, famouslyso, yourgravity, the_aloha_girl, falsemurmur, and xandgunn!! Welcome! Someday I will make an introductory post...

Perhaps there will be some more posting this week because until my online class starts (which by the way, I just went on the course website and it's looking kind of scary...) I don't have any chapters to visit or exams to take, so I'm feeling pretty open right now. Plus, season finales like woah that I'm sure I'll be posting about. I'm actually kind of excited for TV to be done with so I can have even more free time.

Anyway, so far this Monday is turning out to be incredibly lame, and I'm trying desperately not to let it get the best of me, but we'll see. Part of that probably involves getting some stuff done. Later, skaterz.


May. 19th, 2008 07:36 pm (UTC)
She is beautiful! I want my Lola to cuddle with now.
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