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November 6th, 2012

Holy crap! I'm in Mountain Time! I've never been in Mountain Time before. But here I am, in New Mexico. And it's Election Day! Holy crap. How are we headed to the Grand Canyon today? This trip is going by way too quickly. Oklahoma and Texas were kind of monotonous. I think we did even more driving yesterday but didn't see much. Oklahoma City is not awesome, but the OKC Memorial & Museum was interesting. It was heavy stuff but powerful and beautiful. The rest of Oklahoma is boring and flat and there's too much of it. The plan was to do more back roads once we got to Texas, but even Texas's back roads are boring, and pretty much mirror the interstate but a 20mph lower speed limit. We did see a couple Route 66 icons, and we stopped in Amarillo and ate at a classic 66 diner. Downtown Amarillo is really cute, but by the time we left it was too dark to be able to see Cadillac Ranch. We're pretty much blowing off Albuquerque to get to the Grand Canyon by sunset, so hopefully there's nothing here, either. In fact, I gotta boogie. Don't forget to vote! Later, skaterz.
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