October 2nd, 2012

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Yes, I sent this.

Dear Hyatt Hotels,

I think it's hilarious that you have a link to "customer service" on your website when your company doesn't even know the meaning of the phrase, even when it comes to your platinum members. I just wasted an hour of my time being repeatedly kicked out of the passkey site to book at the Hyatt Regency Atlanta for Dragon*Con 2013. Despite being on the site at 10AM promptly, I would repeatedly be shut down at the end of the transaction for trying to book a room. Meanwhile, my friends were apparently able to just call and make a reservation with Hyatt's number. WHY ARE YOU USING A THIRD PARTY SITE WHEN PEOPLE CAN JUST CALL HYATT AND MAKE A RESERVATION?! And if this information is true you would think you might disseminate it to your most loyal customers first. I called Hyatt's platinum number only to be told I could not make a reservation with Dragon*Con. Oh and then was given some nice platitudes about how she'll pass on suggestions that the site needs to be improved. I'm really not sure how you get away with treating customers this way and I'm infuriated that I have wasted an hour of my time and still do not have a reservation and now am apparently unable to get one. OH BUT I CAN BOOK AT A HYATT IN BUCKHEAD. OH THANKS, "CUSTOMER SERVICE AGENT" BUT THAT REALLY DOESN'T HELP ME OUT. Teach your employees to use their brain and actually do what they can to try and help out their customers. I would really like to hear how you plan to remedy this situation.

Unaffectionately yours,
Laura Bittner
Platinum Member