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No one ever said it would be this hard.

So what was it that vexed me enough this morning to actually drag myself out of bed? Not my alarm clock. Not my cat. No, it was the obnoxious sound of Hilary Clinton's voice on my television. I'm really disappointed about how everything turned out yesterday and for the first time since Super Tuesday I'm kind of nervous. I do not want to see Hillary as our candidate in November. I'll probably still vote for her, but begrudgingly so. Fucking Ohio. Seriously, that state should not be allowed to vote.

And could Jillian's collection have been any uglier? And less cohesive? And I was really disappointed in Rami's collection... I thought it was really boring. I don't think he should've dialed it down a notch. I definitely liked Christian's the best but I thought even he could've done better. That last dress was so fierce! I totally thought he wasn't going to win though based on what all the judges were saying. They seemed to have more negative comments about him than anyone else. But yays!!

Jesse Spano has a dancing reality show?? "I'm so excited..." Also, I love the Levis commercial with the guy in the phonebooth instead of the girl. Why did someone make the movie 10,000BC? There is no way it will be better than Clan of the Cave Bear.

All I have to say about ANTM: COULD AMIS' HAIR POSSIBLY BE ANY UGLIER?! It looks like a cheap wig! I think all the other girls look a lot better now for the most part.

I wanted to post about something less superficial than television but I don't think I have the energy. I never have the energy. I feel like I'm slowly fading away. I... don't do anything anymore. The hours tick by and I don't know where they go. I feel like I'm waiting for something to happen or something to change, though I don't know what will. Like I just need some sort of ledge to grab onto to pull myself back to where I need to be. It's been three months and everything is just getting harder, not easier. So if anyone is wondering why I don't post for a week at a time and am slow to respond to emails and have stopped accomplishing any of the things I need to do, it's because I'm fading and can't seem to stop. I can see things just falling apart around me and I just... can't care enough to do anything about it most of the time.

But. Today was actually an okay day. Hopefully tomorrow will be, too. Later, skaterz.
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