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I've been crappy about the posting so I apologize. I've just been... I don't know. Whatever. It's my journal and if I don't want to write in it every day I guess that's my business and I don't need to make excuses. I write entries or bits of them in my head sometimes, they just never make it on screen. I'm lazy, which is why I didn't accomplish half of what I wanted to this weekend. I just feel like I'm ALWAYS BUSY. Having class until 8:30PM twice a week is rough. I'm doing okay in it so far I guess though... I got an A on the exam. I wish I felt more excited about it.

So I made some of the most delicious cupcakes yet this weekend: s'mores cupcakes and chocolate with peanut buttercream frosting. I didn't actually eat any of the peanutbutter ones but the frosting was delicious. I made those special for foreverseenstar and she pretty much died. But the s'mores ones... OH MY GOD. They're so incredibly good. There's one left and I'm saving it for later tonight. *licks lips* I mean don't they just look lusciously mouthwatering?

All of them... (the blue ones are chocolate with buttercream frosting that I made for my cousin's birthday)

I think I'm going to go grab that last cupcake now... and watch quarterlife. Anyone else watching tonight?? SO EXCITED! (Even though I've already watched all the webisodes...) Maybe eventually I'll post what has actually been on my mind. Later, skaterz.


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Feb. 27th, 2008 03:04 am (UTC)
Oh my God I want those s'mores cupcakes so much. Nomnomnom.
Feb. 27th, 2008 07:51 pm (UTC)
I wish cupcakes were easier to mail. I'd be sending people cupcakes all the time!
Feb. 27th, 2008 09:14 pm (UTC)
You should start a business! I'm sure it's not impossible to mail-order cupcakes; surely there are businesses out there that do it. Plus, I'd try to buy some--at least if you sold those s'mores ones! ;)
Feb. 27th, 2008 03:10 am (UTC)
Those cupcakes look so good! :)
Feb. 27th, 2008 03:32 am (UTC)
THEY ARE. (Or were rather. teehee)
Feb. 27th, 2008 03:11 am (UTC)
Your cupcakes make me hungry.
Feb. 27th, 2008 07:49 pm (UTC)
They're making me hungry looking at the pictures of them today. I wish I still had some left.. *pout*
Feb. 27th, 2008 04:56 am (UTC)
Wow, those look incredible. My roommate made some cupcakes with peanut butter frosting a few weeks ago and I basically ate half of the frosting before she had the chance to frost them. SO good.
Feb. 27th, 2008 05:04 am (UTC)
We had a ton of frosting left over (since I only frosted 6 with the peanut butter) and I had made a batch of cookies (which seeing as they weren't vegan I unfortunately couldn't eat them) so my roommate was using the frosting for dipping the cookies in. I just kept randomly sticking a finger in the bowl... I think I may have even used pita chips to eat the frosting. What? It sort of looked like hummus... lol
Feb. 27th, 2008 06:24 am (UTC)
Those pictures are making my mouth water!
Must... make... cupcakes...
Feb. 27th, 2008 07:48 pm (UTC)
I keep looking at the pictures today and wishing I still had more! Your icon is making my mouth water!
Feb. 27th, 2008 01:19 pm (UTC)
Mmmm, they look yummy.
Feb. 27th, 2008 07:44 pm (UTC)
They were! I'm so sad they're gone now.
Feb. 27th, 2008 02:46 pm (UTC)
Those look so yummmmy!!! If I didn't hate baking so much, I might ask for the recipe, LOL.
Feb. 27th, 2008 07:48 pm (UTC)
Thanks!! Anything I can make and not have to chop things I like!
Feb. 27th, 2008 05:14 pm (UTC)
omg, you make me want to move in with you so I can try all the gorgeous-looking cupcakes you make xD
Feb. 27th, 2008 07:47 pm (UTC)
We'll have a guest room come summertime. I'll make you tons of cupcakes! :)
Feb. 27th, 2008 06:46 pm (UTC)
OMFG. So... are you gonna be the next Mrs. Fields? I think you could sell those to be completely honest.
Feb. 27th, 2008 07:46 pm (UTC)
That's what everyone keeps saying, that I should sell them. But where? haha Oh what fun it would be to have a bakery though!
Feb. 27th, 2008 07:53 pm (UTC)
Online. Haha. I'll buy a batch off of you. *Being completely serious*
Feb. 27th, 2008 07:55 pm (UTC)
I feel like cupcakes are hard to ship though! How does one keep them from getting all mangled in the mail?
Feb. 27th, 2008 08:00 pm (UTC)
I think if you take it to the post office they can arrange something for you. I had to ship special schtuff before that was fragile. Not cupcakes though. Damn... I think I need to take a road-trip!!
Feb. 27th, 2008 07:43 pm (UTC)
okay now i really want to buy that cookbook.. i saw it in borders the other day but i was with my parents and they were like "ew vegan? no way!".. i will just have to go on my own!
Feb. 27th, 2008 07:44 pm (UTC)
You honestly can't even tell that they're vegan. Everyone has loved them!
Mar. 2nd, 2008 08:00 am (UTC)
i figured as much! my mom wouldn't mind trying them.. and as for my dad i'd have to just tell him it's a cupcake and "forget" to say the vegan part ;)

i still wonder about the nutritional info tho.. does it tell u in the book calories/fat/fiber/etc?
Mar. 2nd, 2008 03:16 pm (UTC)
I have a feeling they're not particularly healthy except that they'd have less cholesterol and saturated fat.
Feb. 28th, 2008 05:07 am (UTC)
Those s'mores cupcakes WERE delicious!!!!
Mar. 3rd, 2008 07:06 pm (UTC)
this is the stuff
that people start businesses from!
You totally need to work that out...
as much as I'm not a vegan in any way, i'd STILL try one!
Mar. 4th, 2008 02:51 pm (UTC)
Re: this is the stuff
Gonna do a test pilot of shipping some cupcakes at some point and see how it goes...
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