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There seems to be no difference between present tense and the pretense.

Things that made me happy this week:

1. vegan fettuccine alfredo that came out half way decent (tastes pretty good if it's cold)
2. Obama winning Wisconsin
3. getting my CT state tax refund
4. spending an incredible weekend in Boston with EB
5. how nice my microbiology teacher is
6. actually knowing quotes from eco49rvra and dee_bloom218's movie memes without cheating
7. new bras and underwear
8. Fatima being the most adorable ANTM contestant ever
9. fun plans for the rest of the week
10. new pictures of Ellie, including this little gem
UPDATE: 11. escape_me_06 being made of win and making the front page of her paper!

Yeah, I've been meaning to post for a while, but I've been a tragic combination of busy and lazy which is the story of my life. Maybe tomorrow? Probably not. How about a poll instead?

Poll #1141841 Project Runway

Who do you want to win Project Runway?

Who cares?

Okay, there's really nothing to keep me up tonight which means I should probably go to bed at a decent hour (except I just realized it's already after 1AM *sigh*). No exam to pretend like I'm studying for (I think it went pretty well). Going for Thai tomorrow with jadziadaxwb, foreverseenstar, and _mendon; Friday is a movie (probably Vantage Point but we are debating Be Kind, Rewind); Saturday going to see Bodies revealed with Georgine and then dinner and Definitely, Maybe with the girls; Sunday is volunteering at the hospital and probably going out to RI to visit Nu Sigma. Somewhere in there I AM GOING TO FINISH MY RESUME AND START STUDYING FOR THE GRE's DAMNIT. No really, I need to study... I tried some practice questions today and apparently have forgotten how to do basic math without a calculator. I think I need to go buy some times tables flash cards. So not joking. All I've done so far to study is buy a Word-A-Day calendar and play that free rice game. So not going to get me into nursing school. Note to self: 2008 IS SERIOUS BUSINESS!

Anyway... as you can see, busy couple of days so sleep now. No time to get into a nocturnal sleep cycle. I'll update with a decent post soon. Or not. Later, skaterz.
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