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I think it's good to be home. Maybe. Being home means responsibility like going to work and studying for my exam and going to bed at a reasonable hour, and although the latter two probably won't happen tonight. Well, studying will... it just hasn't yet.

Buffalo was great fun, just like those things always are. I just love seeing Deltasigs that I only get to see a few times a year. I really think I got to know some of the collegiates in my region better, too, and for the most part I think that was a good thing. I think I may have gotten to know some of them a little *too* well than I would've liked. Buffalo was fucking cold and I definitely wasn't smart about how I packed. Socks and gloves? Yeah, I didn't pack those things. I was walking around Buffalo in ballet flats. I've had better ideas. Hey, at least I managed to not check a bag. (BTW, I got my oversized liquids and avoided the air puffer machine in Buffalo despite it being like the STRICTEST airport security I've ever been through.) The best part of Buffalo is the fact that the bars are open til 4AM. Only problem is half of those bars are seriously sketchy. We did find an Irish pub and stayed there for hours though. Can never go wrong with an Irish pub, right? DSP + Irish Pubs = Win I wish I got to see more of Aaron but he was very busy. I did enjoy gloating as we watched the Bruins beat the Sabers in a shootout though. :) All of the sessions on Saturday were really good, the Leadership Foundation made out really well, the banquet was wonderful (and for once the waitstaff was actually really polite and lovely!), and no one managed to get kicked out of the hotel.

The worst part of the whole weekend was traveling and the fucking bitter cold in Buffalo and then in Cleveland. I came down with the worst sore throat by Sunday afternoon, though I woke up and was feeling awesome, and by the time EB picked me up I was in tears because I was so sick and tired. I had to take a sick day yesterday, too, but I'm feeling okay now. Just congested. Bah... so over winter and cold.

I was kind of in a down mood on my way home from work but I'm doing much better now. I finished watching A&E's Pride & Prejudice and zomg Miss Eliza/Mr. Darcy is my new OTP. Colin Firth needs to marry me like right now. I want to watch the newest version with Kiera Knightly despite the fact that I hear it doesn't do it justice. I also made cupcakes because I had a bunch of leftover frosting from my Obama cupcakes.

Nothing fancy, but they're cute, right? I love my decorating tips. :) Also, they're the perfect way to celebrate Obama's 8 straight wins, including Washington DC, Virginia, and Maryland. It makes me so elated to finally see Barack ahead of Clinton in CNN's delegate count (1,215 to 1,190). Yes, we can, kids! Yes, we can!

So, um, I have an exam tomorrow. And I haven't started studying. This could be problematic. I think I know what I should probably go do now... heh. Who wins at procrastinating with mindless tasks? *raises hand* Hopefully I get some amount of sleep tonight, and also, hopefully I can drag myself out of bed in the morning (vivid dreams > reality). *sigh* Later, skaterz.


Feb. 13th, 2008 03:47 pm (UTC)
I know, I have issues. I didn't bring them to work this time, not only because I wanted them for myself, but because it's kind of embarrassing at this point...

We can share Colin. It make take both of us to fight off foreverseenstar's mom who loaned me the DVDs...
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