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Is it Sunday yet?

Traveling this morning wasn't so bad. Newark and Buffalo are both pretty crappy airports, but I had my book so I didn't mind. People seemed really nice, too, for some reason at Bradley this morning so that put me in a good mood. Everyone else generally annoys me though... like all the passengers who clearly never fly and have no idea what they're doing and don't understand gate checking their baggage, or the other passenger who assumed I didn't understand gate checking my bags who I wanted to punch in the face and be like YES BITCH I KNOW HOW TO FLY ON AN AIRPLANE. And why does everyone need to crowd around the gate to board like way ahead of time? They're assigned seats! What does getting on the plane sooner accomplish for you? It's not going to leave without you! *sigh* I managed to avoid the scary air puffy thing but I doubt I'll have the same luck on the way home judging by what I saw on the way out of the terminal. I also managed to sneak some larger-than-allowed sized liquids in my carry-on, too. \o/ (Yeah, we're safe, America.) But after like 8 hours of traveling, I'm finally here in tropical Buffalo, NY. The hotel isn't that impressive... it seems old. I've stayed in much nicer Hyatts, but it's a Hyatt, so I can't complain. My roommate came and then left for Canada so I'm alone, but I'll venture downstairs to the check-in eventually and see if anyone else is around. Going to need dinner at some point.

I'm excited to see everyone and I know I'll have fun but... meh, I'm just too exhausted to be here. There will have to be some amount of public speaking on my part this weekend which never makes me happy, and getting dressed up in clothes I don't feel comfortable in. But, hopefully there will be good times, too. I guess that's what alcohol is for, right? haha

So I finished reading World War Z and it was pretty good. Definitely worth the read. Some of the "interviews" are better than others, but overall I really liked how everything meshed together. I don't know how I feel about them making a movie out of it, but I'll probably hate it because movies never live up to books. I'm going to crack open Atonement next and hopefully I'll like that because I already saw the movie and enjoyed it.

I wish I packed socks. And gloves. Buffalo is cold and this hotel room is drafty. *goes to turn up heat* Later, skaterz.


Feb. 13th, 2008 01:38 am (UTC)
And see, for me, I need to have a window seat. I get antsy if I'm on the aisle, so I try and get in my seat first, so the other people don't have to be inconvenienced anymore than necessary.
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