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I'm starting to feel like this whole karma thing just might be a crock of shit.

I gave blood yesterday, and it went really well. The whole process was pretty painless and everyone was very nice. I felt perfectly fine while I was there, after I donated, and while I was refueling at the canteen. No dizziness or lightheadedness whatsoever. Felt fine on the drive home and I picked foreverseenstar up and we went headed to Target.

When we got to Target we decided not to get a cart because we only needed a few things and that generally prevents us from buying a bunch of crap we don't need. Yeah, not so much. By the time we got to the register our arms were pretty full. And I started to feel dizzy. We got in the express line, and there was no where to really put our stuff, and I started to really feel like shit, so I made foreverseenstar go get a cart so we could kind of keep moving in line. At this point I was crouched on the ground, and every time I had to stand up to move in line I felt worse. I finally threw my credit card at foreverseenstar and was barely able to make it over to food alley to sit. It took all of my energy to sit up to try and strip myself of the coat, scarf and sweater I was wearing, and I couldn't even sit up enough to answer my phone when foreverseenstar was calling to find out where I was. Luckily for me a very kind soul stopped and asked how I was doing, and bought me an orange juice. You know, just when you think the world is full of shitty assholes, a complete stranger does something so wonderful like that.

By the time foreverseenstar found me I was covered in a cold sweat and was paler than a ghost. I couldn't see my face, but I could see how frightened she looked. And if my face looked anywhere close to what the skin on my arms looked like, I can imagine it wasn't a pretty sight. I've had my share of dizzy and near-faiting spells in my life but I've never been so close to passing out before and never taken so long to recover from it. Needless to say we had to skip the rest of our errands and she drove my car home. I win at being a frail weakling apparently. \o/

But yeah, despite all the drama afterwards I still managed to donate blood. So I saved three lives, yeah? That should count for something, yeah? Apparently not.

Took my car in to get fixed today [SIDEBAR: car has been acting up since the week before Christmas with the heat gauge bouncing all over the place, despite having supposedly paid $1000 for a new radiator at the beginning of the month to fix the problem], because you know, they told me that Thursday worked for them. I bring it in this morning and they're like, "Ugh, we're really busy, I don't know if we'll get to it today." So arrgh, but I'm like alright, I'll just leave it tonight so you can work on it tomorrow. When I've been driving on it for almost a month like this, what's one more day?

Apparently one more day makes all the difference. So car is no different than usual driving to the mechanic. Driving from the mechanic's to work? Heat gauge is on high the whole time, like way way way above high. Not bouncing around like it had been. Just as I'm pulling into the parking lot at work my car starts making a not-so-lovely noise and steam starts pouring out the hood. AWESOME.

So I had it towed, at like a $30 cost to me, and hopefully they can fix whatever is wrong with it in a reasonable amount of time, and hopefully it won't cost me too much more money. Because you know, I don't have any. And really, this is not a different problem. They should've fixed it the first time. Argh, why are cars so much work?! ANNOYING.

Anyway, just grrr because who needs this? I don't need this. And I don't know why I'm even posting this because I don't have time. I have so much flipping work to do. Blah. Later, skaterz.


Jan. 18th, 2008 02:48 pm (UTC)
Man, that sucks. All of it :(
That must have been scary, almost fainting with so many people around. Good that you had your friend with you, though.

Oh no, I had the same problem with my old car, steam coming from the engine. Once it even stopped running while I was driving fast on the Autobahn. No fun.
I hope you'll get it fixed soon. For a reasonable price.
Jan. 18th, 2008 07:32 pm (UTC)
I feel like it was more embarrassing than scary, but yes it was good she was there and I was not alone.

It doesn't sound like it's going to be a quick or easy fix. :(
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