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foreverseenstar: oh man i found a pure movie d/l comm
wolfsavard: wow
foreverseenstar: opening the page is like in movies when that beam of light comes down and you're like AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH
wolfsavard: i have no idea what you're talking about
foreverseenstar: like when the clouds open up and the light shines
me: what does that have to do with movies?
foreverseenstar: like when it happens in shows and whatnot.
foreverseenstar: that's how i feel
wolfsavard: oh.
wolfsavard: Photobucket
foreverseenstar: hahahah awesome
wolfsavard: you know that was to you, right
foreverseenstar: hahaha-- oh.
wolfsavard: lolz
foreverseenstar: :-P
foreverseenstar: i was explaining correctly
wolfsavard: i see that happen in real life more than movies, and when you said "opening the page" it made it sound like it was a design on the homepage
wolfsavard: and AAAAAAAAHH
wolfsavard: does not translate over the interwebs
wolfsavard:i first assumed it was a scream, much like GAAAHHHH
foreverseenstar: ...
wolfsavard: and second assumed it was a sigh of relaxation
wolfsavard: not a church choir.
wolfsavard: so yes, fail.
wolfsavard: >puts away laser pointer and power point presentation<
foreverseenstar: ok we can't be friends if you're gonna analyze my text

We might be retarded. Or rather, I might be.

Do you think hot chocolate really goes bad? The boxes of Nestle hot cocoa in my desk are dated November 2006 and January 2007 respectively. I mean, it tastes fine, but... should I throw them out? (I am erring on the side of caution and drinking the January 2007 box.)

We're going to IKEA tonight and I'm very thrilled! I need to redo my room like woah so maybe I will get inspired. Can I just hire shayrena to come across the pond and redo my room for me? :)

Okay, clearly everyone forgot about our meeting but me, so I think I'll go run some errands. Because I have NOTHING TO DO. Blah. Later, skaterz.


Dec. 28th, 2007 06:50 pm (UTC)
THANK YOU! I thought my explanation was okay.

Also your icon makes me giggle. Mmm Firefly.
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