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God, that's good!

Sweeney Todd was fucking brilliant. Tim Burton is a creative genius and Johnny Depp was born to play that role. It was all so incredibly perfect and dark and beautiful. I think you need to know the story or have seen the musical to not be completely horrified. I found myself giggling throughout most of the movie. I'm pretty sure jadziadaxwb thought foreverseenstar and I were clinically insane for laughing hysterically during parts of the ridiculous and gratuitous gore. And you know what? I might be, because I'm kind of crushing on Sweeney Todd now. You know, it's odd... I don't find Johnny Depp the actor particularly attractive, but his roles? Absolutely. But I think I actually have more of a crush on Sweeney than Captain Jack. I'm so twisted, I know. But yeah, the movie was competely deserving of its R rating, so if you go and see it, and aren't really familiar with the store, consider yourself forewarned.

Done wrapping all of my presents, which is good, because I am getting a manicure tomorrow and wouldn't want to mess that up. I need to do some cleaning though, and make a pie for my mom, and make a salad for Christmas day. I had a really good weekend with Jen's baby shower, and cookie baking with jadziadaxwb and _mendon, and I'm looking forward to exchanging presents with people tomorrow night and mass and dinner with Georgine the next day. I really feel like I got good presents for people this year so I can't wait to give people their gifts. I'm going to try really hard to dwell on the fact that this is the first Christmas in 24 years that I'll be spending without my dad. *sigh* Anyway, I have a slight worry I might be coming down with something... I feel wiped. Happy Christmas Eve! Later, skaterz.


Dec. 24th, 2007 05:21 pm (UTC)
Kevin loved Sweeney Todd, too. Karen and I saw the musical in NYC and really enjoyed it, so I'll definitely have to see the movie.

Mommy says to tell you that if you don't have plans for all of Christmas day (or get tired of whatever they are *g*) you're welcome to come to our house where we'll feed you crepes and let you sit around eating too many cookies and watching DVDs, and won't make you eat the roast beef. Just give me a call if you need somewhere to go. :)
Dec. 24th, 2007 08:16 pm (UTC)
Thank you for the offer... I wish I didn't already have so many places to go tomorrow. I will keep it in mind. :) Merry Christmas!
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