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Sidecars are for bitches.

Um, where did Saturday go? I think I was supposed to do a lot of studying but almost none of that happened. What did I do? I got up decently early and went to Target and spent a whole bunch of money on I don't even know what. Then there's a blur... I think it involved eating spinach artichoke dip and putting away Target purchases, disciplining the cat, and catching up on my flist. I'm not really sure how that took 6 hours though... Then I bought a shit ton of food and alcohol (including but not limited to many bottles of wine and ingredients for fancy holiday martinis) for our cocktail party, ate bad chinese food (I think thai has spoiled me), watched the second installment of Tin Man (the monkeybats flying out of her bosom are really starting to freak me out) and the first disc of Instant Star Season 2, and did some emailing. Now I'm here, updating, watching Sex & The City. Notice how none of that involved studying? Yeah, that's BAD. I suck.

I pulled off an A in A&P II, though, so that's something. And I haven't had a breakdown in days, so that's something else. Or not.

Bah. Here, have some pictures that show how gigantically huge my cat is compared to the new baby kitten in the apartment:

I need to go stop being a waste of space. Later, skaterz.
Tags: grades, my priorities are so fucked up, pets, pictures, procrastination
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