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Oh the weather outside is frightful...

...but the sound of my roommate's tv blaring from the other room is so delightful.

Oh wait, scratch that last part. :P

But my Christmas tree is delightful.

And so is not being at work. And getting home in once piece. HOLY SHIT. IT'S SO BAD OUTSIDE. It took me 75 minutes to get home when it normally takes 15. Oy! But now I'm safe at home and can enjoy the snow. SNOOOWWWW!

I'm gonna go listen to Christmas carols (I have over 12 hours of it) and wrap some presents. Erm, I mean, go log in to work because I'm "working from home". ;) Later, skaterz.

PS - Bonus was meh. Could've been worse but it could've been better. If only they didn't take 30% out for taxes it would be a little more tolerable. Oh well. At least I'm not crying like I did last year...
Tags: pert, pictures, xmas
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