i'm disaster (wolfsavard) wrote,
i'm disaster

I'm trapped.

I'm starving but I'm not sure I can get up from my chair because the aide came in and mopped the floor and my shoes have no traction. Last time I tried to get up I almost fell on my ass 15 times, which is impressive because this room is not that big. I think I found a Starbucks a mile down the road. But I don't think it does me any good because I have a sinking suspicion that I might not be leaving this chair until like 3PM tomorrow afternoon. Not because the floor won't be dry by then, but because there won't be anyone here to relieve me.

I guess it works... it might force me to do some studying. I have to take my A&P exam on Friday.

OHMYGOD I had way more to write but I can't even think because my stomach is going to turn in on itself from sheer hunger. NEED FOOD..! I gotta brave the treacherous floor and head down to the Food Court before I die. More to come later... because we know I won't be studying. Later, skaterz.
Tags: hospital
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