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Black Friday was less intense but more epic than last year. The crowds and lines weren't as bad... Best Buy went much smoother (maybe because we got there 45 minutes earlier than last year or maybe because people weren't trying to get Wiis and XBox360s and PS3s and such) and Target was a little more harried. I got most of what I intended to get, and yet, I still don't feel like I made even a dent in my Christmas shopping. But I'm exhausted and poor so that means I should've accomplished something, right?

clarkdreams made us baked ziti and then a bunch of us girls went to see Enchanted. It was absolutely adorable! I loved it and thought it was so cute. I want a fairy tale! Or Patrick Dempsey. Or both, combined. That would be preferable I think. It's totally going to be my new feel good movie once it comes out on DVD. All the music is stuck in my head now.

Dad is back in the hospital. He was there Wednesday, out on Thursday, and now he's back again. Plans for tomorrow are probably all screwed up. Ben is coming in from Pennsylvania and Georgine and I are supposed to go up to the hospital now tomorrow afternoon. Wanted to get Christmas decorations up this weekend on top of everything else, but who knows. Oh, and did I mention I have an exam on Monday?

Ugh, I'm so exhausted I can't keep my eyes open. G'night. Later, skaterz.
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