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Not like vampires un-dead, but like zombies un-dead. No really, does anyone know? I feel like there's at least one of you morbid enough out there to know the answer to this.

First, eight things I learned in NYC this weekend:
1. I have job security should I ever want to move to NYC.
2. Bald men have the best chocolate.
3. Peruse. I do not think it means what you think it means.
4. Hayden Panettiere is going to have to coast through life on her good looks, which I really don't think will be a problem.
5. Smiles and thank-you-very-muches will get you free porn (if you're a cute girl at a comic book convention).
6. Snitches get stitches.
8. I have the most amazing friends in the entire world.

Okay, I already knew that last one. But, this weekend just served as confirmation and a wonderful reminder. Also, we decided that we are totally the Sex & The City girls. athena2483 is Samantha for pretty obvious reasons. foreverseenstar is Miranda because she likes cake and is sarcastic. I'm Charlotte by default because I'm the only brunette, but she kind of is my favorite, even though I don't really think I'm like her all that much. That leaves clarkdreams as Carrie, which she is pleased with. I think she's going to have to start dressing more adventurously though, if she wants to keep this title.

We got in Friday night and went to athena2483's boyfriend's housewarming party. We didn't know anyone besides her and him but we still had a ton of fun. It was a classy affair. In Manchester, CT we have con queso dip (from a jar) and chips, in Manhattan they have stinky cheese platters. Well, not all the cheese was stinky, but there was definitely a nasty one on the platter, and it was spreading to the other delicious cheeses, ruining their wonderfulness. clarkdreams very stealthily removed the offensive cheese, but the odor still lingered. That's when we decided we should probably migrate from the kitchen and socialize with other people at the party. Or at least claim some prime real estate on the (very expensive) couch so we could spill things all over it because we suck.

We took a lot of pictures and they're all here

Yeah, for most of these you probably just don't want to ask...

Saturday we had a delicious brunch at Chocolate By The Bald Man along with the worst service of my entire life. The waiter never smiled, took forever to come over to us (we had to beg him to take our order, for silverware, and for the check), spilled water all over clarkdreams, brought our food out not at the same time and with things missing, and never came to check on us once. So needless to say we gave him a horrible tip and wrote a note, but we also complained to "the manager" who we really think might've been the bald man himself. He denied this, but I can't find a picture of this supposed Max Brenner anywhere, and he was bald. Whether he was or not he did give us a box of lovely and delicious chocolates as an apology for our trouble.

After brunch, we wandered around NYC and did some shopping. foreverseenstar took us to Mood Fabrics (like from Project Runway!) and we loitered among the chiffon, though we told them we were perusing the fabric selection. We didn't find as much as we were expecting to, but we did find some really perfect fabric which was a plus. We also attempted to go to Macy's but it was a fucking madhouse zoo. Worse than Best Buy on Black Friday. But they were putting up the Christmas decorations so it was really beautiful.

Oh, and also, I saw this ad which really made me very excited! Not because I am a huge Baileys fan, but because I am doing the research for this campaign right now! It's like my frist study, too, which is kind of totally on my own with very little supervision. So naturally, because I am a huge dork, and sometimes I don't totally hate what I do, I had to take a picture.

We had a lovely dinner at the Tribeca Grill and where we were able to peruse some of Robert Deniro, Sr.'s artwork. It was a close call to get to Kate's play on time, but we did make it before the doors closed. We didn't have front row center seats though. :( As usual, Human's Anonymous was wonderful. Dan Domingues was in the audience, and even though we hit it off pretty well last time, I didn't think of anything to say to him until we'd already left. We didn't stay for Kate either, but I think that's okay. We would've just gushed about how great the play was again anyway.

We walked back to athena2483's place via Time Square, which was a good route choice on our part because had we not, I wouldn't know about the amazing job opportunities available to me should I decide to move to Manhattan. Apparently they are hiring at the Asian Gentleman's club on Broadway. o_0 (We can all work together, guys!)

We tried to take a very touristy picture in Time Square but the moron who took the picture for us kind of sucks. A lot. But it's cute enough anyway. We're the people in the lower right corner in case you can't tell. :P

Sunday we went to Big Apple Con at Penn Plaza Pavilion. athena2483 couldn't drag herself out of bed (besides she was very disappointed that Katey Sagal cancelled), so clarkdreams and foreverseenstar and I headed over on our own. WORST. CONVENTION. EVAR. Seriously, I have not seen a more poorly run convention in over a decade of con-going. foreverseenstar and I had special Heroes passes which entitled us to front of the line access, a photo shoot, and some other stuff that no one could seem to figure out. We thought some form of autograph as included, but apparently it was not. But apparently they said it was and now they're supposed to be compensating people or something. Our first mission was to figure out what was going on with Hayden and Kristen so we followed the photoshoot guy (who was the same guy from Dragon*Con and I have to admit I have a small crush on him) upstairs to where they were and people were already in lines, but no one really knew for what. Apparently Kristen was there, but not Hayden. They tried to make me wait for Kristen's autograph but after fighting with the idiot midget girl at the door I was able to get inside. OHMYGOD KBELL IS ABOUT A MILLION TIMES MORE GORGEOUS IN PERSON. Her smile like glows. And she was so nice and sweet. She told me she liked my shirt!!! And she was kind enough to do a quick video for me to say hi to sloppy_drunk. :)

After Kristen we got BACK in line for Hayden who wasn't there yet. Pissed that we had to pay for autographs, and ready to beast someone, I flashed my VIP pass and we were quickly moved to the front of the line for Hayden where we bitched with other VIP pass holders about how NOT VIP anything was. I was first in line for Hayden, and I had to wait about five minutes for her to take down a Starbucks order. Which I didn't mind at all because I could just stare at how beautiful she is for like hours. She has very little-girl like handwriting. And she can't spell latte. She spelled it "lattee". Which I think she realized didn't look right after writing it about 5 different times. It's a good thing that she shouldn't have any problem coasting through life on her good looks. But she was also very sweet and did a video for my friend Greg.

The photoshoots weren't until 2? or was it 3? Oh wait, now it's 2:30? And then Kristen is at 3? Or is she at 1:30? No wait, she's at 2. (FUCKYOUBIGAPPLECON.) Well, we realized that the photoshoot, no matter what way you swung it, was at the same time as Kristen's Q&A which was on the "schedule" for 2:30. So we I tried to figure that out and after getting EXTREMELY frustrated with half of the "staff" at the con, found out that there was no Q&A. We also found out that NONE OF THE OTHER GUESTS were there on Sunday. No Mira. No creepy Ethan from Lost. And I mean I didn't really care about any of them that much (I've met Mira before), but SERIOUSLY. There was nothing to do.

We poked around the dealer's room and realized we were pretty much the only females at the convention. I know nothing about comic books. NOTHING. People tried to give me free comic books and I was like, "Um, no thanks." Yes, even though they were free. But everyone was extremely friendly to us. I think because they were all like OMG GIRLS LOOKING AT COMIC BOOKS!!1! But Megan was able to pick up some Wolverine comic books (did you know he's from Canada? or like spent time in Canada?) for her husband, so that was good.

We went to get in line for our KBell photoshoot like ridiculously early because there was NOTHING ELSE TO DO. Everyone kept coming up and being like, "what is this the line for?" "People who are bored." "But which girl? Hayden or Kristen?" "It doesn't matter, just sit down."

Eventually a line formed and we were able to get front of the line access again (and sneak clarkdreams in even though she didn't have a VIP pass). We made friends with some very nice boys in line and bonded over our mutual love of Kristen Bell and Peter David. I've never met a Peter David fanboy before, but now I know two of them and they were quite adorable. They were confused that we knew of PAD but don't read comics. *shrug* I have some books... Anyway they made the time in line pass a lot quicker. And then I GOT TO HUG KRISTEN BELL. EEEE! I hate my picture with her because I look like a disgusting giant beast next to her because she is so pretty and so petite. I'll post it anyway because at least Kristen is gorgeous in it.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

She is so tiny I could've slipped her in my purse and taken her home with me. Hayden, too. They both would've fit and had room for luggage.

While waiting for our pictures to print we poked around the dealers room again and perused some dvds, including a large selection of eclectic porn. Let me tell you, if you ever want to get a lot of attention, just be not hideous female at a comic book convention squeeing over porn. "Oh look! Pirate porn!" "Ooh, I heard really good things about that one!" Everyone in a 50ft radius turns and stares. *blush* Well, I did hear good things about it!

clarkdreams wanted to the Pirate porn. (Me personally, I wanted the zombie porn. THEY MAKE ZOMBIE PORN, YES. ISN'T IT FANTASTIC? Well, I mean, I don't know if it's fantastic or not because I've never seen any zombie porn. But I think I'd like to because I think it would be fantastic. ZOM-BIE PORN. Does anyone have any?) She was out of cash so she asked the merchant if they took credit cards. He said no, so she asked, "Do you take smiles and thank-you-very-muches?" The guy asked what she was looking at, and she said the pirate porn, and he gave it to her. I'm sure he's going to fantasize about her watching it now but... still, free porn FTW! \o/ Um, so 1282 hours later we finally met up with athena2483 and her boyfriend, just in time to purchase some bootleg DVDs (unfortunately not bootleg porn), pick up our pictures, and leave.

We had a lovely dinner at a thai food restaurant and then grabbed the 6:34 train back to boring old Connecticut where I am here, back at work, very grateful that it is a short week. Moral of the whole weekend: we all need to move to Manhattan like yesterday. And now I should do some work so I don't get fired and can afford to move to the city someday. Later, skaterz.


Nov. 21st, 2007 03:05 am (UTC)
Isn't she so incredibly lovely? I can't believe I got to hug her!
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