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Oh, all the things I've done...

First, I want to give a big HELLLLOOOOOO! to all of my new friends! *waves* Welcome! Hope I don't bore you to death. :) I heart new friends.

I don't know how much anyone pays attention to the tags on this journal (I tend to obsess over them), but you may or may not have noticed a tag labled great ideas. A recent conversation I had made me think about it, and subsequently inspired me to explain it.

Over the past year or so foreverseenstar and I have started cataloging some of our more outlandish antics into one of two mental lists entitled "Great Ideas" and "Great Ideas Which Turned Out To Be Not So Great After All". (The latter was atcually too long for an lj tag.) So here are some of the things I've put on these lists, not all of which involve foreverseenstar, which is probably better for her considering how long one of the lists is.

A few things on the "Great Ideas" list... inviting foreverseenstar to move in with me, playing hooky from work to spend the day in NYC, taking that summer photography course, getting a tattoo, locking my Twitter account, pledging Delta Sigma Pi, making my dad that collage for Father's Day, brainstorming an ad for the Honda Element, reading the Harry Potter novels, adopting a kitten (though when she is knocking things off my nightstand at 3AM I tend to think this might belong on the other list), getting a livejournal, driving to Boston in the middle of a blizzard to see Sugarcult, becoming a vegetarian, and buying a MacBook.

And on the "Great Ideas Which Turned Out To Be Not So Great After All" list (which really I would like to think isn't actually that much longer than the first list, just that the things on it are infinitely more entertaining)... getting chunky blonde highlights, taking two classes in one semester while working full time, driving to Dragon*Con, Spring Weekend 2003, Spring Weekend 2004, going to Best Buy at 5 AM the day after Thanksgiving (even though we're so doing it again this year), going to the gym after not eating all day, doing ten SoCo lime shots on New Years Eve, letting the dog run loose in hopes of attracting the attention of a neighborhood boy (...for the record, that wasn't recently), taking a walk on a busy highway right after several days of heavy rain, not going to class sophomore year, asking my friend to demonstrate his martial arts skills on another friend who as it turned out had weak knees, paying to see In The Land Of Women in the theater, giving that bartender my phone number, and getting my ears pierced.

The good thing is that most of the things on that last list still wound up being worth it because of the amusing anecdotes I now have to tell about them, and those that aren't so amusing, I've at least learned lessons from them. Or I'd like to think I have. No point in having regrets though, right? They're worthless.

Anyway, did anyone watch Grey's last night? WHY ARE THEY RUINING MIRANDA BAILEY?! Seriously, DON'T FUCK WITH BAILEY. She is the only character that throughout EVERYTHING has always kicked ass and if you turn her into some kind of fool, I swear to god I will end you.

I got nervous that Big Shots wasn't on, but I guess they just pulled it for a week for sweeps or something? Does anyone watch that show? I don't like wait in anticipation for it, but I enjoy it. And Michael Vartan is really beautiful.

No Sunday night TV, but that's okay because I'll probably be exhausted from New York. Leaving in about seven hours and I'm SO EXCITED to get away and be spending the weekend with foreverseenstar, athena2483 and clarkdreams. Anticipate a very squee filled and fangirly post on Monday because on Sunday I get to see KRISTEN BELL! ZOMG. Also, we're going to do some fabric shopping for Dragon*Con costumes, eat copious amounts of delicious chocolate, see Human's Anonymous, go to some comic book store (which may or may not be redundant considering the whole scifi convention thing, who by the way Hayden Panettiere and some people from Lost will also be at), but really most important thing is Kristen Bell! \o/

Okay, need to get some work done so I can get out of here on time. (This was way longer than I meant it to be. Oh well.) Later, skaterz.

PS - Since there's a bunch of new people on my flist, if any of you would like a Christmas card, just reply to this post and give me your address (comments are screened).
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