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Things I learned tonight...

1. Spock is half-human, half-Vulcan.

2. Burgundy tastes like asparagus and sweaty socks.

3. Megan got a livejournal! ZOMG I'M SO EXCITED!!

4. Blades of Glory is essentially The Cutting Edge but much, MUCH gayer.

5. I should never have children.

6. Episodes of Stargate Atlantis with Dr. Keller > Episodes of Stargate Atlantis without Dr. Keller

7. athena2483 and I are the sexiest bridesmaids evar!

Okay, I maybe already knew that one, but I felt like this entry needed a picture. (Note to self: post more pictures from clarkdreams and Jesse's wedding because it was like the most beautiful day.)

8. Widgets are made of win.

9. I am apparently stuck on West Coast time. Which is actually impossible because the last time I was on the West Coast was October of '04. But I have no other explanation of why it's 3:30AM and I'm still awake. *sigh*

Okay, seriously, I need to sleep. And then get up and be productive and all errandy-like. *nod* Later, skaterz.


Nov. 10th, 2007 05:18 pm (UTC)
Yeah, for real, I need to get back on a regular sleep cycle. Maybe if I didn't have that whole work thing it wouldn't be a problem...

:D hee! Thanks!
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