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I deny the tears in my eyes.

Sometimes I think about my dad and I can't even breathe.

I feel very manic these days, I'm either really hyper or I have like this chest crushing pain. I'm anxious or depressed. I feel like it's not that often, mainly only when I don't have anything going on and I find myself with more than ten minutes of free time to actually stop and think.

Right now I think I'm just sleep deprived (I haven't gotten more than two hours a night since Sunday) and I think I forgot to eat today, so I'm sure that's not helping matters.

Why can't I just let myself be comforted? Why am I so scared to let other people see that I am hurting? It's one thing to write a journal entry, but then in person I just shrug it off. I'm not fine. I'm not just tired. Sometimes I feel like I'm breaking.

I just... I guess I could really use a distraction right now. Please.


Nov. 9th, 2007 01:24 pm (UTC)
I'm here too. And so are about 8,000 other people because you are clearly the most loved girl ever. You are also the strongest person I know even if you don't always believe it, but it's hard for even the strongest people to keep all their worries inside. You have a lot of great friends who will always be there to listen (or provide distraction) when you need us. *hugs*
Nov. 9th, 2007 02:38 pm (UTC)
*hugs* Can't wait to see you tomorrow!
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