i'm disaster (wolfsavard) wrote,
i'm disaster


I hate the Boston Red Sox.
I hate Boston Red Sox fans.
I hate Boston Red Sox fans who drive cars.
I hate Boston.
I hate Massachusetts.
I hate the Mass Pike.
I hate construction on the Mass Pike.
I hate my dead iPod battery.
I hate 96.1 FM and that it's the only station I could get for miles.
I hate T-Mobile's shotty service.
I hate this fucking headache.
I hate my empty bank account.
I hate that I have no time for anything.
I hate that tonight was the biggest waste of time ever.

And I really hate whoever ate all of my fucking chocolate that I just bought a few days ago!

Fucking fuck fuck FUCK. That's all. I need some fucking tylenol and some damn food.
Tags: boston, delta sigma pi, hate, i hate massachusetts
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