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That about sums up my weekend... but I'll elaborate just a bit.

I'm pooped. This was quite the busy weekend, and it's nothing compared to how crazy next weekend is going to be. I was in such denial last night that the weekend was really over. It went by wayyy to fast.

Tons of wedding stuff this weekend. Saturday morning was Amie and Eric's Aufruf. I really didn't understand most of what was going on, mostly because it was in Hebrew, but despite that I still managed to get teary eyed at parts. I highly enjoyed throwing the candy though. :) We had a brunch with the bridesmaids and moms on Sunday morning, which was very nice. I gave Amie the scrapbook I'd been working on of her shower and all of the advice/well wishes that people sent. I'm really pleased with how it came out and she seemed to like it to. I've now finished two scrapbooks in my entire life and both have been for Amie. lol After Amie's brunch I went up to middle-of-nowhere Massachusetts to go to Megan and Jesse's Jack & Jill. It was interesting, but I got to see Megan and Kristina who I don't get to see enough of. And we'll all be more than able to show off our mad swing dancing skills at the upcoming receptions. ;)

All of this wedding business and spending so much time with Amie this weekend has definitely given me some more inspiration to my MOH speech. Which, yes, I still have not started. LEAVE ME ALONE.

Anyway, I finally have pictures from the Deathly Hallows book party, but I want to devote a separate post to that, and I've been blathering on about weddings. Except not really. I was blathering on about my weekend. Wow, most boring post ever. Sorry. Next one will be more interesting, I promise. Until then... Later, skaterz.

PS - Order of the Phoenix on IMAX? TOTALLY WORTH IT. And that's definitely not because I was drunk, because at that point in the movie, I think the pitcher of sangria (thanks, Gaz!) had worn off for the most part. Maybe I'm wrong. Either way... fucking awesome. You have to see the IMAX 3D because it's BEAUTIFUL.


Jul. 30th, 2007 10:58 pm (UTC)
Ah, Hebrew. JEW PRIDE.
Yay the ritual where you throw candy at people!!!!

OotP was indeed awesome on IMAX 3D!
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