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I must not tell lies.

Well I have to say that Order Of The Phoenix is one of the most visually stunning movies I have ever seen. Of all the Harry Potter movies thus far, hands down, this one is the most cinematically impressive. Now as for the rest of it, that's another story...

Was the movie really good? Yes. Is it the best HP movie thus far? No. Am I disappointed? Yeah, I am.

Overall, as I said, OOTP was breathtaking. It was raw and definitely the most emotional of any of the movies. And it's dark. Extremely dark. Like, I thought Goblet of Fire was too frightening for little kids, but it really doesn't come close to how scary this one was. I was definitely a raw ball of emotion most of the movie, sitting there clutching my wand in suspense, or wiping my sobs with my scarf, or shouting in anger throughout the movie. So the move was definitely good... if you separate it from the book. Completely.

Yes, I know that you can't expect every little thing to match the book or be included in the movie. I'm not that delusional. However I think they left out a lot of really big things, or felt that they could've just added a bit more and it would've made a world of difference. The movie was what, 138 minutes? That's pretty short for movies these days, especially adaptations of books. And OOTP is no short read. They could've easily tacked on another 20-25 minutes to the movie and no one would've batted an eyelash. And it would've made world of difference.

Let me talk about what really disappointed me first, so I can end on a good note, because really you should go see the movie, and it was amazingly well done in certain aspects.

So biggest disappointment? Snape's flashback. It was what 15 seconds long? If that? They could've added another 45 seconds to that scene with no trouble. I was so excited to see the Marauders and then we barely got a flash. You could barely make out who was who before the whole thing was over. It better be in the deleted scenes on the DVD.

I didn't like that Dumbledore didn't get to explain to Harry about the prophecy. They always do that though, cut Harry and Dumbledore's heart-to-hearts short in the movies.

I didn't like that they left out the Percy/Weasley argument.

I didn't like that they never mentioned the prefect thing. Not once in the entire movie did someone add or subtract points from a house. That whole thing was disregarded. The lack of quidditch was disappointing, but understandable as they had so much to fit in. But there was very little studying or school work or even classroom scenes. And no ghosts either. And no sorting hat song (which I thought was pretty important)! It made the whole thing seem very not Harry Potter like. *pout*

I didn't like the Harry/Cho kiss. It was WAY TOO EFFING LONG. And she wasn't crying enough. I was surprisingly okay with the fact that they made her the snitch to shorten that up a bit. I had no need to see their failure of a date at Hogsmeade. I would've liked to see her get that nasty rash on her face though... Man, I hate Cho.

I didn't like that they weren't more concerned about Hagrid at the beginning of the book. Like all of a sudden, two thirds into the movie, it's like, OH HAI HAGRID'S BACK even though WE WERE NEVER CONCERNED THAT HE WAS MISSING. I'm not a huge Hagrid fan but that was sort of effed up.

The whole beginning of the movie bothered me. (Okay Dudders is hilarious in gold chains, I will say that much.) The Dementors looked so odd. They were perfectly frightening before, I don't know why they needed to make them 1000X scarier! I totally jumped about 20 feet out my seat and screamed when they showed up. Mrs. Figg was too subdued, but of course she didn't have Mundungus to be angry at because OH YEAH HE WASN'T IN IT AT ALL. Pssh. And was it even ever mentioned that she was a squib? If it was, I missed it.

And then there were little things that could've easily been added in and there is like no reason for them changing them. Why wasn't Lupin in the guard at the beginning? No screaming whatsoever from Mrs. Black? Bellatrix kills Sirius with an Avada Kedavra curse when she could've easily just used the red sparks like in the book. Like, why change those things?

The last thing that bothered me was that really no one seemed like themselves. Harry should've been more angry-emo instead of just emo. The beginning was totally ruined because he should've been like WHY THE FUCK HAVE I BEEN KEPT IN THE DARK!?! Instead he was like, oh yeah, I'm sorta bummed that I've not been kept in the loop. I was like BOO. Sirius was unnecessarily painted in such a positive light, too. He is way more emo/angsty in the books and I felt like they could've put more of that in. Ron and Hermione should've bickered more instead of just flirting ALL THE TIME. All the girl giggliness about boys in the DA Meetings was a little unnecessary, too, I thought.

Okay so, things I liked. (Yes, I promise there were things I liked about the movie.) I liked that Dumbledore was more himself. He was more subdued as he should be. AngryIntense!Dumbledore in the last two movies irritated the shit out of me. Hopefully he stays this way otherwise the 6th movie will be totally ruined.

Luna was dead on and she was fucking awesome. She was like the SAVING GRACE of the movie. She was just the right amount of dreamy and odd. The beginning scene in the carriage? So perfectly awkward and uncomfortable. I love Looney Luna Lovegood.

There was not nearly enough Ginny but she RAWKED when she was there. Her Reducto! curse was so badass. And maybe the BEST PART OF THE MOVIE was the LOOK ON GINNY'S FACE when Hermione tells Harry that Cho couldn't keep her eyes off of him. LOVED IT!

The DA Meeting were pretty fucking badass. And PATRONUSES! SQUEE! SO AWESOME. I wish we could've seen everyone's because they were SO COOL.

Umbridge was dead on. Absolutely perfect. She is so much more evil in the movie. And her office with the meowing cat plates? I love it! I would've liked to see even more interaction between her and Snape and her and McGonagall though. That's some of the best snark in the books.

My favorite Umbridge scene: She's being dragged away by centaurs and begs Harry, "Tell them I mean them no harm!" And Harry answers, "Sorry, Professor, but I must not tell lies." PWNAGE! The entire theatre clapped.

I really liked Grawp. I wasn't a huge fan in the books, but he was so cute with Hermione so that made me smile.

The thestrals were amazing and I think it worked out okay that Luna was the one that explained them. And ZOMG BABY THESTRAL! SO CUTE! I just wished they'd shown the others who couldn't see them freaking out while riding.

The whole fight end scene was fucking amazing and beautiful and BADASS. The veil was a bit different than I expected, but it fit with the rest of the movie. I LOVED that there was SO MUCH SIRIUS in the movie, but it made his death that much harder. I was BAWLING. I don't think I really stopped until the very very end. I still feel emotionally wrecked from the movie. I'm sure the two hours of sleep doesn't help much.

I'm gonna give it another go in IMAX maybe this weekend or something and try to be less picky. I think once I get over the initial shock of seeing how Yates approached it all I'll be able to appreciate it more.

Words of advice for those of you who haven't seen it yet:
1. Bring tissues.
2. Don't eat Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans. I took a bite of rotten egg before the movie and I don't even think I swallowed the damn thing but I swear I can still taste it. Ugh.

Everyone share your thoughts because I'm really quite curious about what everyone thought! In the meantime, I'm going to see if I can get away with napping at my desk. Later, skaterz.


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Jul. 12th, 2007 05:13 am (UTC)
I had a whole comment here and LJ ATE it. Stupid LJ. Basically, I agreed with a lot of your points up there. Mostlly how stupid it was that they didn't say anything about Percy or make Ron and Hermione prefects and that they left out a lot of stuff that wouldn't have been much trouble getting in. Although I think that when Harry first gets to Grimmauld Place and sees Kreecher in the hallway, you can hear Mrs. Black murmuring. They should have had her scream, though. And the sorting hat's song is very important. Don't know why they left that out.

I hate Cho too. I'm glad I'm not alone in that. And Ron and Hermione definitely got along too well.

Also, your icon is AWESOME.
Jul. 12th, 2007 02:11 pm (UTC)
Gah, I hate when LJ does that! I was expecting them to leave the whole Percy thing out, I don't know why, but they didn't much touch on any of the growing dissonance in the last movie, so maybe that's why. Yeah, I have a feeling they filmed a scene with the picture screaming and it wound up on the editing room floor. Because if you NEVER show anything but a covered up murmuring painting it doesn't really make any kind of sense to anyone who hasn't read the books. Just, a little bit in this movie would've gone such a long way. *sigh*

Thanks! :) untold_verity made it. The twins definitely pwned in the movie.
Jul. 12th, 2007 01:37 pm (UTC)
I agree with most of what you said, especially about all the really important stuff they left out and could totally have put in. However, I didn't really feel connected to like any of the characters the way I did when I read the book - like you said above, they weren't exactly themselves - so I didn't even really care when Sirius died. They just left too much out of the relationship and I didn't like Sirius in the movie, can't really explain why but he just wasn't what I imagined. I was so pissed when he died thinking *that's not how it happened.* I remember reading the book not even realizing he had died since he just fell through the veil - Bellatrix didn't use the avada kedavra curse! (That would have made the book more clear I think... but that's not how it happened so come on.)

I love Cho. She is cute and Asian and hey can't fight veritaserum, give her a break. :)

Ginny looks like an old lady (maybe it was just the lighting) and she kinda freaks me out a little.

Loved loved loved the fight scenes at the end. They did an amazing job - the Ministry of Magic hallway and department of mysteries looked the way I had imagined. But what happened to like the giant brain thing that some of them get stuck in? Maybe I am not remembering correctly but could have sworn there was something else.

Did you hear about the girl who plays Luna? She is apparently a HUGE HP fan and when she heard they were casting for Luna she was like, that's me, I have to have this part, and the casting directors were blown away at her audition. Must have been like the greatest moment ever when she got the part! She was perfect. "I like pudding..."

Overall liked the movie but they could have made it so much better.
Jul. 12th, 2007 02:06 pm (UTC)
The movie just did not feel like Harry Potter at all which I think is what made me sad. I definitely thought his death wasn't done right and the killing curse made me so mad. Like WHY would you do that!? But I loved Sirius in the movie. I think that he was way less angsty than he is in the books, but I just love him so much that I didn't mind them casting him in a less moody light.

I love Cho. She is cute and Asian and hey can't fight veritaserum, give her a break. :)
I hated Cho before she was a snitch.

Ginny looks like an old lady (maybe it was just the lighting) and she kinda freaks me out a little.
Yes, Ginny gets in bad lighting sometimes. I love her thoguh.

Loved loved loved the fight scenes at the end.
The fight scene was a amazing, but I wish we'd seen more of the Department of Mysteries. Yeah, there are a few more rooms they go into before the one with the prophecies.

Did you hear about the girl who plays Luna?
Haha yes, I did. She made raddish earrings for her audition.

Overall liked the movie but they could have made it so much better.

Jul. 13th, 2007 02:38 am (UTC)
I agree with all your points! Although it's interesting because I didn't have most of them until I read this, hehe. I think the thing is... I read the book twice, but the last time was like 3 years ago. So I really didn't remember all the details, so I wasn't comparing it to the book that much while I was watching. Mainly, I was just sad there weren't more Remus/Sirius moments and that Harry didn't seem all that sad about Sirius dying. But now that you bring up some of the other differences, I agree with you. Oh, but of course, I did also notice the lack of Remus in the beginning, and like you, wondered why it was so hard to have him come to get Harry. BUT then I was like... well, maybe that's better because it means he didn't want to leave Sirius! lol, I'm silly.
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