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Mondays are seriously the worst. I hate them, especially Mondays like today. This morning I could barely function. I kept falling asleep at my desk. At least now I'm awake, but I'm still can't motivate myself to get any work done. I'm just so blah. Work is so blah.

I think it's because Gaz is gone. His last day was Thursday and things have been pretty quiet around here since. I thought I would be more upset about it than I am. I think I'm not that upset about it because I'm quite confident we'll keep in touch. None the less, things are a bit dull without him.

What I really miss was the chemistry in our office. Gaz, Josh, and I had great chemistry. We would roll around PERT attached at the hip, making wisecracks, and just having a good time. In my head I always likened us Harry, Hermione, and Ron. (There have been arguments about this, but I still say that I'm Harry, Gaz is Hermione, and Josh is Ron.) So granted Josh and I get along alright without Gaz, but it's really just not the same. I miss him. I've got no one to geek out with (in person) at work now. :( I just hope that whoever they hire to replace him isn't completely dreadful. And that they're not allergic to dogs.

I'm supposedly getting my review at some point this week. Hopefully a promotion and a pay raise will brighten things up around here. Well at least for me.

In other news, my digital camera died. I'm not sure what happened to make it break, but Kodak says it will cost $110 + tax + S&H to get it fixed... which is really not worth it, even though I did love that camera. Anyway, I'm thinking about getting the new Kodak M753. What do you guys think? Any thoughts/comments? I really can't afford a new digital camera right now but with everything going on in August, I really can't afford not to have one either. *sigh*

And crap, it's 5:00. I need to go get some work done pronto or I'm totally screwed. Later, skaterz.



Jul. 10th, 2007 04:19 am (UTC)
Thanks! *crosses fingers*

PS - You icon pwns.
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