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Amie's Last Stand

So I managed to not get horribly sunburnt and was only hungover one day. I do have a bit of a queer watch tan where I forgot to put sunblock on my wrist though. I'm going to have to do something about these tan lines before the wedding though. Anyway, yes, the weekend went off fabulously!

Amie was totally surprised when we showed up on Friday and told her to pack her bags. We got to the beach house around 9PM and the house was supposed to be left unlocked with the keys on the counter. Well, the house wasn't unlocked. And of course since it was so late there was no one in the rental office to answer my panicked phone calls. Luckily there was one lone window that the robber locks weren't on for and we hoisted Ali through. :) Of course, then there was no grill or cooking utensils so we ordered pizza. And had lots of giggly fun with penis straws. :D

We had beautiful beach weather on Saturday so we spent most of the day at Scarborough Beach which was barely a two minute drive from our house. The house, by the way, was absolutely adorable. The pictures they had posted didn't do it an ounce of justice. It was perfect, perfect size, perfect everything. They'd just redone a bunch of stuff and we were the first renters for the season, so everything was new and clean. And the owners did eventually stop by and bring us some cooking utensils and the grill.

That night we headed to Newport to go to the Red Parrot. It's an awesome bar/restaurant and if you ever find yourself in Newport, RI, you absolutely need to go. There were a bunch of other bachelorette parties there, but we totally pwned in our matching shirts. Those were definitely a good call on my part because it definitely got us a lot of fun attention. The most surprising part of Newport was that we ran into Susan, and Tom, and Todd who were trolling around the city (stalking the governor or something like that) so were able to kidnap Susan and bring her with us. Todd and Tom weren't allowed because it was girls only, but they returned later in the evening to take tons of pictures (which they will hopefully be sending me soon). We made a bit of a ruckus in the streets after we left the Red Parrot and made Amie get her picture taken with some interesting people. When we got back to the beach house Amie opened all of her presents, and I have to say they were probably the tamest bachelorette party presents ever, but I think she enjoyed them. :)

About half the group had to leave on Sunday, and the rest of us spent our time playing board games, watching chick-flicks, and going to the beach. We spent some more time in Newport, too, shopping one evening and then we did a mansion tour (Rosecliff) and did the Cliff Walk one day. Megan is on top of her shit and already posted all of her pictures on Webshots so I posted most of them below.

Breaking & Entering

Group Shot

Susan and Me

Phallic Banana Fondue

Jess, Ali, and Val


And pirates!


At the Cliff Walk in Newport, RI

Another Newport shot

And even though it serves no purpose, this last picture is too good not to post... :)

But yeah, the whole trip was so much fun, and I really think Amie loved it. I have to say I'm quite pleased with myself at how well the whole thing turned out. Yes, there was definitely some drama, all of which I have chose to leave out of this entry because none of that is what needs to be remembered about the trip, but for the most part it went extremely well. I think I should start letting people hire me out as a professional Maid of Honor because I pretty much rock at it. \m/

So now that the shower and bachelorette are all done with I can kind of almost relax this month? Maybe? Well, at least not be a total basket case. I only have a few big things to do before the wedding which include but are not limited to tanning/toning so I don't look like ass in my dress, possibly kicking a certain bridesmaid's ass (or at least restraining myself from doing so until after the wedding, that is if she shows up... oops, I guess I didn't leave out all the drama), and writing my Maid of Honor speech. Eeep! I am wicked nervous. I hate public speaking and I am horrible at things like this. Does anyone have any speech writing/giving advice?? If so, please to be sending it my way! Alright, I need to get some lunch before I starve to death. Later, skaterz.


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Jul. 6th, 2007 11:30 pm (UTC)
Oh wow, you went all out with the T-shirts and stuff, nice.

I don't know if this would help, but I had to give a speech in front of my high school graduating class, and a "famous quotations" book gave me some material to use. Hey, if you can't think of your own words, use someone else's, right?

And you don't have to try and make direct eye contact with people. Just focus on a point in the back of the room somewhat above people's heads (that is, if you're on any kind of a platform). That'll make people think you're looking at them without actually doing so. Now that I do remember from my public speaking class in college.
Jul. 7th, 2007 03:30 am (UTC)
Of course, I went all out. Go big or go home. :)

Thanks for the advice, I will definitely be keeping all of that in mind! :)
Jul. 9th, 2007 03:06 pm (UTC)
Sexy, eh? :)

For your speech: I just read something cool about public speaking this morning randomly, no joke. This guy said he took a public speaking class where there was only one rule and everyone ended up turning into fantastic speakers. Basically, practice in front of people and have them compliment you afterward every time. Sounds silly, but even if it's just "Wow, that was brave," you will feel better about speaking. If people tell you things like "Take your hands out of your pockets," you will just transfer whatever nervous habit you have to somewhere else instead of being less nervous. So focus on the positive and have others tell you what you're doing right - and nothing about what you're doing wrong - and you will naturally feel more comfortable. Sounds plausible to me!
( 3 beeps — speeeeeaaaakkkkk )
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