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The shower was a huge success! Everything was beautiful and everyone had a fantastic time and most importantly, Amie loved it!

the Bride-To-Be and me

Amie, and her fiance, Eric, opening the homemade Chuppah

the favor table

Amie made out with so much loot! I do think we got through the gifts in record time though.

the 20-something crowd :)

Amie proudly displays her future last name.

I just wanted to make a quick post because I am so happy that everything went so well. It was seriously one of the most stressful experiences ever, but totally worth it in the end. :) Now I get to do the Bachelorette Party! w00t! Okay, today was extremely long and I am extremely exhausted. Tons of work to do this week... I'm gonna need all the sleep I can get. Later, skaterz.
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