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I can live without you.

Pets are exhausting.

As I type this my bat-shit crazy cat is destroying everything in my room. I lock her out of my room and she destroys everything outside my room. And this only an hour after I cleaned up like half a pound of her puke. (I honestly don't know how the cat vomited that much.)

Meanwhile Champagne has been sick for the past week. He's been having some major G.I. issues and it's been so hard seeing him so miserable. The poor little guy just hasn't been himself. He's been so lethargic and not really eating (he's lost over half a pound which is a lot for something that only weighed 15lbs to begin with) and you can just tell he does not feel well at all. It's heartbreaking. I've been to the vet with him twice in the past two weeks, and he's on two different kinds of medication. He's still not doing great, but he's a little bit more himself than he has been. I'm worried because class starts Tuesday and I won't really be around to take care of him. *sigh* Animals are so much work.

But I guess they're pretty wonderful sometimes, too. Like last weekend when jadziadaxwb and _mendon brought their new Fidelco puppy, Spock, over to visit. Champagne thought he was the greatest thing ever, even though all Spock wanted to do was sleep. That didn't stop Champagne from trying to hump him though. Which, considering Spock wasn't even two months old at the time makes Champagne a creepy old man. I took a bunch of pictures, but haven't gotten a chance to put them on my computer yet. Here are a few that jadziadaxwb set me:

Isn't Spock is the CUTEST PUPPY EVER!? I totally want one, except I don't want it to cry, or chew on things, or grow up. Oh, and if it could never get sick and be litter box trained, that'd be super, too.

I had more that I wanted to blog about like how my company is made of fail and I don't get BSG and our new neighbors suck, but now I'm kind of tired. I'll leave all that for tomorrow and hopefully LJ won't be a huge whore about letting me make a frakkin' post. Later, skaterz.
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